Sunday, June 6, 2010

Almost there

Wow, Time sure is flying......I have been once again busy with getting the WLS Meet & Greet off the ground and finalising sponsorship etc that I have been ever so neglectful of this blog.

Everything is coming together and we will have the website up and running soon. I have been speaking with a heap of the surgeons and they are all very supportive and it even looks as though at least one member of parliament who has had WLS will be coming along. Getting exciting getting firm commitments from a number of companies who have either sponsored or are providing freebies and prizes for the actual event. I am still working on more though as I think we deserve it!!!!

The main theme for the Meet & Greet is "Celebrating our decision to lead healthier lives with WLS" and I can't wait!!!!! Also the idea about getting a WLS non profit organisation is definitely coming together as well. I am so driven to making both of these things a reality and at times is putting me out of my comfort zone, but I am meeting the challenges, which is cool.

Si's parents moved to their new house on May 25th and I spent the following weekend rearranging the furniture and rooms at our house. They still have a heap of stuff here, and will have for some time, but I think both couples are enjoying having their own space.

Oh one of the things that was pretty cool this past week, was that I got a load of firewood delivered, and we got it all stacked on the same day...Now it was 4 cubic metres of wood and I did about 1/2 of it in the morning before going to work, and then Si & I did the other 1/2 with a little bit of help from Si's Dad in the evening. So we have dry firewood....yay!!!! I would never in a million years be able to stack all that firewood pre op, just something so simple and yet I didn't really even get that puffed doing it.....was fantastic.

Other than that, have just been working - pretty boring really. LOL. I had a biopsy on rash this week as well, and I thought it was going to be a nice little needle/core biopsy.....but no, he took a big hunk out and left me with stitches.....which I have to get taken out at the dr's later this week.
I have to go back and see the dermatoligist later this month for the results.....he was thinking that I was coeliac, but I been blood tested and it showed negative.......then he talked about an auto immune condition, which to me makes more sense as since I already have auto immune issues it seems like a no brainer......On the liver front, things are still elevated and I got back and see that specialist this week....I have started getting the aching legs again, and the join not sure what is happening. I am pretty sure it is going to just be stay on the drugs and see what happens..

This weekend, has been really quiet for me, Si has done something to his neck/shoulder and could hardly move....went to go to the after hours dr last night, but they close at 10pm and ended up at emergency.......which was stupid as it was not an emergency but he was in lots of pain. The wait was over 3 hours, so we came home and he managed to get some sleep and feels a little better today. We have had a fire going pretty much all weekend to try and keep warm as it has been raining all the time.

Yesterday we had the WLS support group, which as always was fun to catch up with everyone.


  1. if it is any consoulation my wait at A+E was 4.5 hours and I bought in ambulance
    Hope it not Si back reacuring again.
    Miserable wkend in Chch nice u had dry firewood to warm house with hey. Our heat pump has been going non stop since Friday I would rather a blanket but everyone insists I have to have heater on because I am recouperating.

  2. Crap weather here too chick.
    But not cold! Still have not put on the heater.. I soooo don't miss Palmy!

  3. Hi there Miss Janine! :) It was so nice chatting with you last week!! Sounds like you have a ton of stuff going on.. I'm glad you have the house back to yourselves, and the WLS Meet & Greet sounds like it will be amazing!!

    hugs from Texas! :-)