Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Long Overdue Update

This is a very long overdue update and I have had a few comments from people or emails asking if things are okay. Things are, just full on busy at the moment.

Work is going well, and I have had a commitment that I am on day shift now till the first week of January. This is kinda cool although I was planning on doing some of the organising for the Meet & Greet during the mornings, so this has made it a little more pressured to get everything done.  I have taken off a couple of days in early October to tidy up some aspects of it.

Specialist wise, my liver specialist is actually happy for us to get pregnant, although he does not want me to do this via fertility treatment, and that is fine as we had already discussed this and did not want to add any more drugs into my system.  The specialist actually upped my dose of immune suppressant in the hope of being able to get me off steroids….but at this stage it is still hit and miss as to what effect the drugs are having. One of the side effects is swollen gums, and I have always had a few issues with my teeth and gums, and this is causing me to have bleeding gums everytime I brush my teeth and I wake up with dried blood on my pillow and around my mouth every morning.  SO, I am going to get to the dentist and get my teeth professionally cleaned to minimize the damage to my gums. The specialist said if it gets to bad he will have to put me on a different medication. Actually thinking about it,my gums bleed even eating an orange…..I hate to think how much blood I am swallowing.

Sorry if that was TMI…….

The next 8 weeks or so are going to be really busy and the end of the year is going to be here before I know it. On Wednesday we start the fostering process by going to an information evening and depending on that we will continue with the training that runs over October and November. We are looking at both Adoption and Fostering and it will be interesting to see what the information evening holds.

Foodwise, Simon & I are trying to make sure our meals are planned, for two reasons, one so we eat healthier and also so we can put as much money aside as possible if we want to have an awesome trip to Australia next May for Simon’s Birthday. I would love it to be Las Vegas for the WLS Meet & Greet over there, but there is no way I could save enough money….and with still some other bills I could not justify spending that amount on a trip. Definitely one day!!!

GRAPEFRUIT – We have so many grapefruit – like 400 of them on the tree and I am not allowed to eat them or even have the juice, so if anyone locally wants them, please drop me a line as I am sick of having about 100 grapefruit on my lawn!!!! I have rung the local foodbank and they are checking to see if someone can come out and pick them. I also thought about the local rest homes but it is a matter of getting them down from this massive tree!!!!

Okay well that is me done for a while…..will update when I feel like it. LOL


  1. Hi Janine.

    You might find a church has more interest in the grapefruit as they would hopefully have a youth group or something to do the picking. A lot of people on Blood pressure medication can't eat grapefruit. Food banks don't always have enough manpower and their clients are not always enthusiastic about things like grapefruit.

    Glad to hear things are going well with you.

  2. I was interested in some grapefruit as I thought I could make marmalade, then read the comment above? I didn't know anything about blood pressure medication and grapefruit, so may stay clear!

    Wishing you and Si all the best for your planned family.

  3. I LOVVVVVVEEEEEEEE grapefruit I would eat them until the cows come home A: I cant afford them B: I wish I lived closer or maybe someone with a REALLY big trailer could deliver them all the way to TAUPO!!! other than that maramalade or squeeze and freeze the juice...

  4. Can't help with the grapefruit sorry!
    Glad things are on the improve health wise mate.