Sunday, June 24, 2012

Main day at WLSFA Conference: - the first two speakers:

So the conference kicked off at 8am on the Saturday and I stopped by all of the Vendors and Exhibitors till 10am when the speakers started. I only ended up getting to see 3 of the speakers: Connie Stapleton, Cari de la Cruz  of course Katie Jay.

Each speaker only had 45 mins and no notes or anything were provided, so I have tried to get as much information written down as possible so I can share. 

So let's start with Connie Stapleton. She was discussion Addiction. Now she talked about the criteria for something to be an addiction, and after reading this list I can certainly see that food is definitely an addiction for me. 

The Addiction criteria was as follow: 
  1. Too much or for too long
  2. Desire to stop or cut down - the yo yo effect
  3. Spending a lot of time to obtain food or recover from it
  4. Important activities are given up because of food or obesity.
  5. Have continued to use in spite of problems (health, mobility, diabetes etc)
  6. Tolerance
  7. Withdrawal
 Positive (yes) in 3 or more = a Dependance or Addiction. 

She also highlighted that there are a couple of reasons for addiction to any thing:
  1. Biology - hereditary predisposition, Brain chemistry etc
  2. Environment - Children learn what they live.....then they live what they learn. 
She also highlighted that the age at which is develop the addiction is basically the age that we get stuck at. For example, for me, I started rapidly gaining when I was 9 years old and reflecting on how I deal with food, I am like a 9 year old. 

She also talked about Addiction transfer and how this is where the game of whack a mole addiction can come into play. This is where we whack one mole (addiction) on the head with the mallet just as another mole (addiction) raises it's head. Before you know it you could have a whole range of moles all vying for attention. 

She stressed the need for obtaining support and also supporting others -
'Get support......and then give it away as this will re-enforce your commitment to yourself'

The second speaker Cari de la Cruz is the other 1/2 of Post Op and a Doc a partnership of Connie Stapleton and Cari de la Cruz.  

Cari's topic was Kicking it with Cari and how to get a Kick out of life. This presentation was in true Cari style and she got her message through with fun!!!!!!

She asked the following questions:

What keeps you from Kicking it into gear?
  • Stress/Worry 
  • Bad Habits
  • Work/Money
  • Kids/Family
  • Injury/Exhaustion
  • Gaining Weight
  • Fear of regain
  • Fear of Failure
She said to remember that LIFE is a 4 letter word sometimes but to get out there and make the most of it and if you have any of the above things you need to learn to Kick it to the Curb.

What keeps you from Kicking Butt?
  • Stinking Thinking
  • Saboteurs - don't always mean to , but might just say something like "oh you could just have a little right?"
  • Jealous friends
  • Bad/Old Habits
  • Addiction
She says - you have to choose to Kick it to the Curb - to change your thinking. 
If you think it's too's never to late to use the TOOL.
If you are marinating in Self Pity  " Welcome Pity Party for one - your table is ready" you have to kick it in the pants. 

She reminded everyone about the Gotta do ems (Not Oughta do ems) that Connie Stapleton mentioned in her book Eat it Up.

  1. Make consistently healthy food choices (protein first)
  2. Maintain Portion control
  3. Exercise Daily 
  4. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, but not with meals
  5. Eat Breakfast
  6. Plan meals and follow the plans
  7. Keep food and exercise journals
  8. Get plenty of sleep 
  9. Utilize a healthy support system 
  10. Use group/Individual therapy. 
Cari reminded us that we need to live life on life's terms and that life comes at you fast and sometimes life is a 4 letter word and can be challenging.She said we may feel like we have been
  • Kicked in the teeth
  • Kicked in the gut
  • Kicked while we are down
but life happens and we can't just Kick it under the carpet ....but we can give it a Kick Start!

Next time: Katie Jay and the vendors


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