Sunday, July 15, 2012

The WLSFA Conference - Katie Jay and the vendors

Sorry for the lack of updates. I misplaced my journal that I had recorded details of my trip to Las Vegas in, but I just found it this week, so I can continue with summing up how things were on my trip. 

I was up to the main day and recapping the speakers. The other speaker I managed to catch up with was Katie Jay. It was so good to see her in Las Vegas. I managed to get some time with her the day before the conference began for a 1/2 hr catch up before racing off to dinner with some of the others.

Katie was on just after lunch, so the numbers to start with were quite, low, but people tricked in and I heard from others that they thought her talk was outstanding. 

Anyway, Katie was speaking about - "Playing the odds after Weight Loss Surgery"  and Why following your gut instincts can sabotage your success. Like always with Katie, I get so enthralled in what she is saying I forget to take notes, but I did manage to get some key points down. 

To give ourselves the best chance possible are having weight loss surgery we need to:

  • Embrace Liminal Space, - get out of our comfort zones. We do not grow by staying where we are. 
  • Be curious - Curiousity is the most powerful thing you own. 
  • Dive Deep - Katie reminds us of the pearl divers who have to keep diving deeper and deeper to find the pearls.
  • Get enough of the Right kind of support. - Stick with the stickers. 
  • Have a safe person - whom you can share anything.
  • 100% - We are precious 100% of the time. 
I know there was so much more that Katie shared in the very short 45 mins we had her for, and some I know she shared with us when she was here in New Zealand. 

There were quite a few vendors at the conference, although only 3 that really stood out to me while there. They were Bariatric Advantage who were amazing with samples they were giving away and the guys were super excited that BA is now being sold in New Zealand. If you are interested in checking out their products go their website.

Another company that really stood out to me was Bell Plantation a company that manufacture a powdered peanut butter and peanut butter chocolate spread which is so much healthier (85% less fat) and can be used in a huge variety of ways. They are really keen to get into the NZ market and gave me some samples to bring home, which our local support group have had. I do find it a little bitter, but would think it would be great in baking.

The last company that stood out to me was Slimpressions, which manufacture shapewear. They were so busy and are so open to new ideas. At the moment they are looking at developing some new ranges to help hold things in place.They often have big discount weekends so check out their FB Page for discount codes etc.

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