Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The rest of the WLSFA Conference and the Billboard Music Awards

So wow - this Vegas trip sure is being stretched out due to my lack of updates, what was less than a week has suddenly become over 2 months.......So I will speed things us as I really need to get to blogging about how I am doing and to keep myself motivated. 

So I will try and some up the rest of the conference in this post and in the next couple of days I will do the  final Vegas part and then Colorado.

So after the main day of the conference, we had the Gala Dinner, which turned out not so much of a gala dinner. We ended up getting our own dinner and rushed back to the event as I was told I was getting an award for having traveled the furthest distance. That didn't happen. Actually I was not really acknowledged officially. Sure some people knew there was someone from New Zealand, but as for htem "making a big deal about it" like they told me they were going to.....just didn't happen, so unfortunately alot of missed opportunities to connect with alot of people, simply as they didn't know who I was. 

Here is a couple of pics from the event. 

A couple of us headed up to one of the girls hotel rooms and we ended up chatting till about 1am. The thing about Vegas is that you hardly need to sleep.I am sure they put something in the hotel air conditioning to perk you truly is a 24 hr city though......always something happening. Amelia had some of the largest strawberries I think I have ever seen.

So the next day was the final morning of the Meet & Greet and it was just breakfast, a photo and goodbyes were to be had. Unfortunately by the time I got to the buffet they had run out of breakfast. They decided to also do the photo an hour earlier than advertised so some people missed out and some of course had already left town. The photo only shows about 1/2 of the people who were actually there. They also didn't publicly give away the items I had taken over from Eatme to giveaway, I believe that they had an issue with the name of the company, although they didn't actually tell me that. So another let down really. All in all I don't think I would go back to the Meet & Greet, well certainly not for the event itself, but to catch up with some of the wonderful people I met.......absolutely. 

After the conference ended there was just enough time for a rest and then it was off to the Billboard Music Awards. We had to be seated by 4pm as it was live on television and due to the timezones it started at 5pm. We didn't get to see anyone famous up close and actually for most of it I watched through binoculars.....mind you the sound was soooooooooooo amazing, and I can say that I have seen some amazing stars, Kelly Clarkson, LMFAO, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, The Wanted, Justin Beiber, Chris Brown, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry........was pretty amazing really. I would pay to get seats closer next time. 

After the awards I went out to dinner with some of the people still in town after the Meet & Greet. Man - The turkey I had so was succulent and tender. I wish we had turkey here more often and we knew how to prepare it. 

So next time I will move onto my last day in Las Vegas spent with amazing people.


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