Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On track (Mostly)

So I am mostly on track which is super cool and I knwo this post is a day lat.......so I did lose 1.3 kgs this week, taking me down to 127.2 kgs. So I was happy about that. I am working on doing a program via a website in the USA called www.fitandflourishing.com . It is for anyone who wants a personal trainer but not haev the huge cost per visit. Erin works out a program for you and then you keep in touch with her.

She is actually having a free trial for anyone who is interested at the moment.

The other cool thing happening is that Weightloss Surgery New Zealand is now an official trust and we are in the process of getting charitable status as well.

So, anyway off to have my lunch......tonight is going to be rushed as I am going to a support group that my surgeons team are running, it is the first night of Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Paitents. Will be interesting.

Still need tow ork on water intake, and a little of the snacking on cheese and crackers....but otherwise I am pleased with how things are going. Oh and to keep the tracking up. It is easy to miss out a day here an there.


  1. Well done on the 1.3kg loss sweety! You deserve it!

  2. Yes you so do Janine! Well done. Also so agree with you about the tracking. Hope the evening went well and look forward to hearing how you are going. Penny xo

  3. Tracking is an awesome tool to use, it keeps you honest with yourself.