Monday, September 24, 2012

So to keep me accountable

I am going to track via myfitness pal and for those of you who are interested you can go to the link here and if you want to view enter the password WLS2012.

I have tweaked things so I am eating under 1500 calories. ideally as a WLS patient I should be eating under 1200.

I was planning on the idea of just having meal replacements such as protein shakes and the optifast bars, but one really downside to these is that the optifast bars have wheat in them and I prefer the shakes with yoghurt and milk, which ups the calories alot. 

So tomorrow, I am going to do things a little differently. I will start with my yoghurt and cereal in the morning (which is gluten free) and does not have some of the other grains which should also be avoided. At lunch time I am going to make myself an omelette with mushroom, bacon, cheese and onion. 

Will see what happens - It certainly looks like I am going to eat way less calories and judging  by the amount of food, heaps fuller.

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  1. I meant to comment yesterday Janine and say well done for not giving up and planning a fresh start. The day we give up on at least trying to make changes is the day we have definitely lost the battle.

    I haven't had WLS but must say I think you are sensible to consider food options you prefer and that will keep you fuller - no point making it harder on yourself by feeling hungrier and prone to making the choices you don't want to make. I get the work thing - I have very little rubbish food in the apartment but not many choices at work, and when I am hungry it is straight to the honesty box (chips, chocolate and lollies are the options). An hour later, I am hungry again.

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes. You can do it!