Monday, September 17, 2012

9 kgs in 9 weeks

So here we go, I need a bit of a challenge and to break up this battle up. It is going to be like a trilogy int he "Battle of Regain: Janine's Journey"

I looked back at what I did on my pre op diet - Hell I managed to lose 14.5 kgs in about 8 weeks without this operation and without being able to really exercise effectively. Okay sure I had two meal replacements, but as long as I plan, follow the pouch rules and limit my choices I should be able to create something similar. I am going to be pulling out my good old George Forman Grill and Steamer I think.  Time to clutter the bench again!!!

So my plan is to lose 9 kgs before my 40th birthday and get much closer to the 101 kgs I was before getting sick.  If I lose the 9 kgs in that time  it will mean that by my birthday I will be back to 119.5 kgs, and 1/3 of the way to getting back to where I was 3 years ago. The final weigh in will probably be just before I go away to the WLS Conference in Christchurch on Nov 16th rather than on the Monday. 

One of the things I think I had forgotten to mention on here was that I finally finished up the nasty horrible steroid prednisone on the weekend. A couple of weeks ago while I was having an iron infusion, I got a call from my specialist to tell me that the special authority funding had been approved for me to go onto a different steroid, that does not have as much of a weight gaining or appetite stimulant side effect. I am so hoping that it makes it a little easier...and that I finally won't feel hungry all of the time. 

Anyway - time to hit the shower and get off to work. But it starts now. 

Breakfast today was 

40 gms Vogels Gluten Free Cereal with 1 small tub of Meadowfresh yoghurt. 

Lunch will be a LSA wrap with ham and salad. 

Dinner is going to be grilled pork chop and steamed veges. 

Water is aiming for 1500 mls and exercise today is going to be a lunchtime walk. (I am on hr lunches)

Okay - Lunch time and the wind is blown and my throat is getting raspy from being back on the phones at work so not going to get in the walk today. Have managed 1 litre of water already today, and no snacking. I have had 1 cup of white tea with equal in it. Just about to have my lunch - It is the LSA wrap.....Will try and update with more later....will see what happens this evening after dinner as that is where I am finding the need for something sweet!!!



  1. Will be here following you and supporting you :). Have a great day...

  2. Starting again sucks... I seem to be doing it every bloody Monday!!
    Good luck Hun :)

  3. Your post from last Friday rings true for so many of us - you are right that motivation doesn't come from nowhere! We need to start and let our successes motivate us.

    Your list is a great starting point, and it sounds like your first day is going well. I hope you feel better soon and can get back on your bike in more ways than one!

    We are here for you. Penny xo

  4. You go girl. Your a true inspiration to so many of us. And you can do it. I am going on this road with you all the way my buddy. Annie