Sunday, February 17, 2008

1 Week Down

Sorry for the lack of updates since I had to make my mad dash to Hamilton. It has been kinda crazy witht he moving, the Hamilton trip, and starting the new job.

The Hamilton trip went really well, and luckily fo rme, it was not all in my head. My 'out' pipe has reduced down in size to 4 mm in diameter when it is meant to be 12mm. That was creting the blockage and why I could not handle solid food. The procedure I do not actually remember as the dopy stuff they give you pretty much knocks you out for a little bit. Apparently the surgeon spoke to me for like 10 mins after the procedeure asking me questions.....and as you are 'under the influence' you tend to tell the truth.....sohe got the low down on if I had been good or not. Apparently I had as he said he was really pleased with me.

He did warn me that as they stretched my 'out' pipe to 18 mm in diameter my weightloss would slow down. Which he was not worried about as he said for me to have lost 42 kgs (inlcuding preop) in such a short time, slowing down would not be a bad thing.

After the procedure I stayed with Carol & Brian (Family friends in Hamilton) who are some of themost fantastic people I know, and my first actual solid meal after the procedure was heaven.Poached fish, mashed potato, brocoli and pumpkin. I had a small plate full and ate most of it execpt a littl of the fish.

The next day we made our way South again, and as Carol & Brian where coming down for a surprise birthday party, they kindly drove me right to my doorstep.

That weekend was pretty uneventful, just went to my Dad's girlfriends for dinner and then we played cards for a couple of hours. It is nice spending some time with my Dad. Actually speaking of cards, Simon & I joined Dad in his flag 500 club on Thursday night, and it was so much fun we decided we are going to go every week.

Had my first week at woek, and everything is as exepcted, a much more relaxed environment, doing the same stuff, talking to farmers about tb and using the system to input and manage testing. The up side of this job is that I get to got a pat and cuddle the cats and kittens in the cattery and see the dogs that are in for treatment or grooming. It is very cool and certainly if something is on your mind you can go and talk to a kitty about it.!!!

Oh I tried to put a video of my dog(Porsche)and kitten (Leeloo)but I haven't managed to get it to work yet. I will work on that.


  1. hi ya kiddo just checkign u r doing ok

  2. Knock knock - hows things going??. Have a great weekend :)