Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ok so I really am a slack tart.

This country lifestyle just makes time whizz by. I have been having such a good time here that I really forget to write in my blog.

Now, for those that don't know, we are living in Marton, so that means that I travel 35 mins to work everyday and it means that Simon does not have the car. Now Marton is not the biggest of places, but it is big enough for it to be too far for Simon to walk to the shops, and he was going a bit stir crazy. Our solution?? A motorbike for him. It would give him his independance back and also some confidence as since his back surgery he has kinda felt as though he was not good at anything. We had cleared with his surgeon that he was allowed to go back on a bike, as long as he didn't go off road, which he is not planning on doing.

Anyway, we found a suitable bike at a suitable price on but it was in Taupo, and we needed to pick it up on the Monday or Tuesday. Now being my second week at work, I was not really in a position to take time off, although they gave me the Tuesday anyway. So I get home on Monday night, and ask Si if he thinks we should just go up to Taupo that night and stay at his parents caravan, that way we would be ready early in the morning to get the bike and maybe I could get back and do a 1/2 day at work. So we did just that, grabbed some dinner and ate it on the way (cold chicken/buns/salad etc) and we got up to Taupo at about 9pm and got the bike that night.....making it even easier for me to get to work the next day.

Went to the caravan and went to bed only to be lying there awake. So Simon and I decided to pack up and start on the way home, me in the car and him on the bike. We had compulsory stops where we met up to make sure we were fine to continue, and we made it home about 1:30 am. Set the alarm clock for the morning and went to bed. Ended up getting to work about 90 mins late, but all good, and no need to take annual leave. YAY!!!!

Thursday the kittens came to work with me for their check up and vaccinations, all good with them. Porsche came in on the Friday for hers, and also to see teh vet about her slight incontinence issue which was not an issue, but the two lumps she had turned out to be a problem, and the vet had to remove one and send it away to be checked. Turns out is was not cancer, thankfully but it was a very nasty looking thing.

The weekend was pretty quiet and this week even more so. Tonight we have our weekly flag 500 card game with my dad and several ladies at the high school and tomorrow night we are going to dinner with dad and his girlfriend. I am pretty sure that there is going to be an announcement, but I am not sure, and will keep you posted!!!

Having a BBQ on Saturday with extended family and friends as a sort of housewarming and "yay we are in the manawatu" bbq. It should be great!!!


  1. Good news all the way around! How about some pics of that bike, too! :D Sorry, is my bias showing? hee hee.

    Mmm BBQ... can't wait to start cooking out here again in the spring.

  2. Am so glad it is all working out well for you.