Thursday, February 7, 2008

Successful Move

Well we are finally all moved and mostly unpacked (about 90%). Still waiting for the internet connection. I am actually doing this from Palmerston North Airport while waiting for my boarding call.

I am heading up to Hamilton today to see my surgeon again. He is going to shove a camera down my thraot to see what is going on with my pouch as I cannot handle any solid food and my capacity is very small. If he discovers that I have a stricture then he will need to put a balloon down my throat and then blow it up with air to dilate it. It is apparently only a 30 min procedure, but youa re in hospital for about 5 hours as the meds they give you cause you to be really dopy.

If he discovers there is no problem with my pouch then I am in real trouble as it means the problems I am having are in my head!!!

I will be staying with family friends tonight and then tomorrow they are driving me back home as they are on their way to a function in Paraparaumu.

Anyway - better sign off, go to the loo and get ready for this flight.

Catch ya!!


The internet should be connected by the time I get back on Friday night so I will update then


  1. hey the yeap was great to catch up thanks for the natter hugs

  2. Hey Dru, just a quick note of support, and some info on my blogs :D

    First the support: Wow, you can already tell a big difference, and if you update the pics soon, i bet it would be even more drastic!

    Keep it up, you are doing great! Glad you got your tummy issue resolved, and you are none the worse for wear for it.

    Now, the blogs:

    that one gets the most updates

    Zindarr is the name of a bard i had in the EQ1 game. I use it here and there on the internet, as it appears to be unique enough, i have never had a problem getting that name for myself :)

    That's a blog right here on blogger, fairly new, not much there yet. But I am using it to experiment with mobile blogginf from the cell phone, heh heh. I can send phone cam pics right to the blog and they post automatically.