Saturday, December 18, 2010


I was talking to my surgery sister (Annie) this morning and we were talkng about exercise and how to actually make sure we do enough in a week. She mentioned that she is not getting out for enough walks since stopping her gym memberships. 

I asked her what made her go to the gym, and she said it was that she was paying for it. So I came up with an idea that I am going to use at home as well. 
To get myself some spending money, for clothes, coffees, movies, etc I have to work for it. That means for me, if I want to get my say $30 of spending money each week for me to do what I like with, then I have to go to the gym 3 times in the previous week, if I don't then that spending money goes onto one of the bills.

I thought that this is getting a double I get to the gym the 3 times in a week, and I get to have some spending money that I can do what I like with. I then took it further and thought about how I could encorporate that further into my situation. 

So, how do I get a triple benefit out of it......well, if I take the dog for a walk for at least 20 mins, I get $2 as spending, so that is a benefit to me, to the dog and to my fitness!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That $2 per time, I am going to put into a jar and when I have enough I am going to go shopping with it for clothes. 

We heard at our meeting a couple of days ago that pretty much yes there will be restructure but what that looks like for our site won't be known till around July. By then I hope to have the national organisation up and running and be able to be working from home doing what I love doing. 

So I didn't make it to the gym today as we have been flat out today organising our new car. We ended up buying a 2004 Nissan Maxima. It is really lovely and it was just what we have been looking for. So now I have to get out to the gym and to take the dog for a walk to pay for it!!!!!!!! LOL. 


  1. Merry Christmas from David and I, hope you have an awesome relaxing day :-)

  2. LOl - So you didn't get back to the gym huh!! I think that trainer put you off. Go sort it out and get a new one that you like! ;-)
    Hey, good to read about your new purchase too.