Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reflect first, then plan.

So I mention a post of so back that as at the New Year I was going to follow the Small Bites Daily Inspirations from the National Association of Weight loss Surgery for the whole year and I was going to follow through with the exercises (journal/meditation etc). Well I decided I need to start early and really get this going and my head sorted.

For each day I will type out the actual small bite and then the action for the day, so if you want you can do the same.

Reflect first, then plan.
On New Year's Eve, many people talk about their plans for the coming year. They make resolutions and hope for better times ahead. But before you start down the resolution path, pause for a moment and truly reflect. What can you learn from the past year about yourself? Have you discovered what works in terms of health and what doesn't? You can make resolutions soon (or better yet, set goals) but today look back. You owe it to yourself to learn your lessons, so that you can grow wiser and healthier in the coming year.

Action for the day:
Even if you don't usually journal, take a few minutes to do this exercise. Make a list of things you wish you had done differently this past year, and then a list of what you did well. Next to the things you wish you had done differently, write down a step you can take to ensure you won't repeat that mistake. Next to the things you did well write down what you can do to continue having success in that area. Read this list every morning in January.
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Things I wish I had done differently: (steps I am going to take to stop me repeating mistake in red)
  • Savings - we were meant to be saving for a trip to aussie, but due to not being able to save really well, we decided that buying a car and paying it off was a better option. So now we have no savings, and a debt. Still going to try to save - but will take up a friends offer to hold the eftpos card so I can't make rash purchases with it.
  • Exercise - I can honestly say that this past year I have done hardly any exercise. When we moved here I had great intentions of going to curves, but with working fulltime it just never happened so I stopped paying that membership. I said I would walk the dog, but that didn't happen. I said I would go to aqua aerobics, I have been once. We joined the gym for 3 months over summer - I have only been once to the start up session. I am setting up a payment plan to myself. Each time I go to the gym (up to 3 times in a week) I am allowed my next weeks spending money.......(we have $30 each to spend) otherwise it goes on bills. So in other words if I have not been to the gym 3 times this week, when it comes to payday I can not allocate myself the $30. I am aso going to pay myself $2 for every 20 minute walk I do with the dog. Maximum 2 walks per day. Maybe even meet up with friends for a walk a couple of times a week.
  • Drinking with meals has always been hard for me, and I know that I can fit more in if I drink when I eat, and of course I like food, that is part of my problem, I am a foodie. So I want to fit more in, so by drinking I can. I manage to do this at work, I never have a drink with my lunch if I am on track with eating.......I still do however if it is something bad for me that I know I want to finish. Stop bringing a glass of something to the table and only going and getting a drink if I REALLY need it - not to force the food down.
  • Drinking more water is essential as well, the gym said my body water weight was really low and that I should be sipping from a drink bottle all the time. I know this, as this is what I should be doing for my WLS, but it has taken a backseat to coke zero, which of course now is thought to help strecth the pouch (carbonated drinks). I have bought some low cal, lemon and barley which I am going to put in with the water to give it a little flavour.
  • Letting carbs back in - this is tough, as I do feel that some carbs are okay, justnot the overly processed carbs, and here I am talking more about the crap food, the chippies and the lollies and the chocolate. Sure potatoes and rice and fruit are carbs but are still much better alternatives to the above. I feel that I need to maybe limit these things and certainly the portion sizes (see below). but they main issue for me is actually the crap food. Stop buying it!!!!!!!!
  • Portion Sizes have crept up again and I know some of it is from drinking with meals, so it is kinda a double whammy. Use a smaller plate to get back into control the real size of servings.
  • Blaming the steroids for my weight gain. Sure it has a factor, but it is not the reason I have gained weight and over my accceptable ceiling. Take ownership of my mistakes that have allowed the weight to come on.
  • Stopping Gluten Free - Most of the time I am, but then I just can't be bothered and honestley sometimes there is jsut something about a white bread tomato sandwhich or a pie or something equally as bad for my WLS journey that I just want, and so I do and then I pay the price by being itchy and irritable for the next week. Embrace the change and find alternatives that I can make myself. It is so much better than being itchy constantly.

Things I have done well (and what I can do to continue to have success in that area)
  • Held a fulltime job for a year. After being sick and made redundant I was not sure I could get and hold fulltime employment, but although I was only meant to be part time over the last year, as at the 5th January I have been 1 year fulltime. I think I have done this by recognising when I was finding things a bit tough and taking time off throughout the year to have some mini breaks. Continue with the taking breaks when I need it and recognising when I get tired or run down.
  • Creating and hosting the first ever WLS Meet & Greet. What a ride that was, and I am so pleased that I achieved it, and we had over 100 happy people. Planning is starting on the next one and I know it will be just as if not more successful as we I will learn from my mistakes. Keep working to the the formula that worked and tweak what needs tweaking.
  • Fostering - taking the first steps towards becoming a parent, after learning of the difficulties we will encounter having a child ourselves. I know I want to be able to be a positive influence in a young persons life, but on the other hand I am scared that I will make a shambles of it. But as they say in the training, they are not looking for PERFECT parenting, just positive and consistant parenting. Complete the workbook and meet with the social worker to continue the steps towards being a foster parent to a special child.
  • Not moved house!!!!!!!!! On the 5th January will mark 1 year at this house, and thankfully we have not had to move.....not like the year before where we moved 4 times in one year. Although I have to admit I still look at houses every now and then and think, wow that would be nice to live there. Especially when the landlord has still not installed the heat transfer kit, and I want to make sure that is done before winter rolls around!!! Speak with the landlord to get the heat transfer kit installed and then I will be happy as!!!!!!!!
  • Vitamins - I have done really well this past 6 months of taking my vitamins. I think it is becuase I have found a better routine with taking all my other medication as well and I seem to be fitting it in more. Getting the Bariatric Advantage Calicum Chews was also a big factor as the calicum was the one I was missing the most. Continue with the routine I have in place for my pills.
  • Identifying what I want to do as a career. I really want to be heading up the national organisation for WLS here in New Zealand and to be promoting the support and resources which are available for everyone who has had WLS or who is considering it. My aim is to be able to turn this into a full time role and maybe even get it to the stage where it employs several people from our community. I know that I can make this work, just like I did with the Meet and Greet. It is a little like the movie Field of Dreams - if you build it, they will come. Keep chipping away at the plan, and run with the ideas. I CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!
So there you have it, that is the first day done of the Small Bites Daily Inspirations for Weight Loss Surgery Patients. You can buy the book from the National Assocation of Weight Loss Surgery website. 

I will be doing this daily and would love to hear your feedback about not only my journey through this, but anything you yourself might want to share. 


  1. Those are very achievable goals and well done you for identifying your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Where do I look for the update on the WLS meet and greet DID I MISS the update on here?

  2. Awesome stuff Janine.
    will get onto mine soon. :-)

  3. OOps that was frm me... Annie!! LOL...LOL..