Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Refocus on your needs

Day two of the Small Bites - Daily Inspirations from the National Association of Weight Loss Surgery and it is in some ways simalar to yesterday.

Refocus on your needs.
Haveyou been so busy you forgot to take care of yourself? If so, it's time to regroup.

The longer you live the WLS lifestyle, the less urgent it seems to make healthy choices. But when you disregard your own needs, even to care for others, you do yourself - and them - a disservice. Today, remind yourself that your WLS lifestyle is effective only when you stop and acknowledge you have the disease of obesity, and that you need to be treating it whether you are overweight or not.

Action for the day:
Take a few minutes to plan what you will do to refocus on your health needs in the coming year. Write down you plans and refer to them often.
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For me this year refocusing on my health needs means getting back to basics!!

  • Having my protein first, and making that the priority.
  • Watching the carb intake and limiting any carbs to the more complex rather than simple ones. 
  • Upping my water intake and limiting the fizzy stuff (even if it is sugar free)
  • Move more - get out for walks.
  • Not drinking with meals
  • Remember that I paid to have this way of life - so lets get the most out of it. 
Oh, Blondie, I did a little bit about the Meet & Greet on one of the posts, but did not really go into detail of the actual event. Let's just say it was fabulous and everyone had a great time. If you want to see the pics you can go to my you tube channel (Top right corner) and the photos are on there as a video montage. 

Today we are heading out and about a little, going to go to Te Manawa. I am looking for free or cheap things to do with our time as we have kinda overspent a little and we are heading away for a weekend in a couple of weeks that I need to save for.

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  1. Oh cool I went and looked cool pictures and I like your short hair straight and the med length hairstyle too.