Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting back on the train.

As I mentioned in my last post by blood results have been going in the wrong direction, well, they still are, but I think I have a handle on it. I have had a cold over the last couple of weeks, but I am over that now as well. 

I weighed yesterday morning, and it said 115.1 kgs, which was bit better than a figure I saw last week. I have gotten back in touch with some people in the US who inspire me greatly and they have started up a FB group called Accountabilibuddies and it is a place where you can help each other and support each other without judgement. So I am using that tool, and also getting back into the support that the you tube community also gives me. 

So how does that relate to a train? Well I watched the following video, and Gastric Rose is so right, the train is still there on the track, it is just me that has gotten off at a station along the way for a look see around and I have losst my way back. So now I know where the train is, I got to catch it.  Here is her video:

Also AJ, who is one of my accountabilibuddies. 

So there you are, a couple of people who through their journeys are helping me through mine. I can either sit back and slide down the slippery slope and regain, or I can find my way back to the train and at least be on track to acheiving my goals, even if at times it feels like the train has stopped or going slowly.

I'll be posting updates and also some reviews of products or recipies that I find along the way. I am going to kick start myself, (although I am not sure the new gluten free raspberry slice is a good way to go, but certainly a little better than what I have been doing).


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