Friday, August 26, 2011

Some great products...

Things have been really busy this week, but I have managed to stay on the train!! YAY for me. 

A little worried that we haven't got enough numbers for the conference, but if worst came to worst I am sure we would be able to cut back on some of the venue costs etc. I think it will be okay, but if you are intending on coming to the conference can you please register at 

I also decided that with my blog as I mentioned before I am going to start reviewing some WLS products. These maybe things that I have actually tried or maybe even things that I find in our extended communcity that I would love to have here in NZ. 

The first of these is Slimpressions® Shapewear I have included a link on the side for you to click on. The one product I would love to try is 'the Have Not's' as they scoop under the bustline, and they have arm compression. Which means that my flabby horrible upper arms would be contained. The also have a chocolate brown so not your standard undergarment colour

Slimpressions® Shapewear  have emailed me and said that they hope to send through a couple of their products to give away at the conference. So if you want to know more or to find out if you can win the $500 worth of their products, click on the box above. (I am not sure if it is open to New Zealand people but maybe worth a look anyway since our $ is so good and it makes the prices not sure extreme)


  1. Awesome about staying on the train :-)

  2. me too Janine I am really keen on the arm compression thing sizing will be the thing cause I know american sizing is so differnet to ours.I over came the comp american only entry thing by using a mate in Seattle address and if I win she can get me the products so maybe KatieJJay could help u out there.
    I am so looking forward to conference need to get focus back so badly I know what the problem is just not a lot I can do to get out of the toxic situation and still live NEED A JOB


  3. Hi Janene,

    I just sent a message to a guy I know in Auckland who had weight loss surgery, so hopefully he might be interested? I sent him the link you included above. He has made an amazing transformation.

    Good luck with it and I loved the post about the train, very appropriate!

    Hope you are well! Penny xo

  4. Bugger I did the wrong spelling for Janine! I was thinking of the other Janene. My apologies!