Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pressure is on

So, obviously I have not kept up with the Daily Bites, and I think that I need to stop these for the time being as I am not coping with too much on my plate. 

We moved in May and then went on holiday. Came back from it and just got stuck into everyday life and the start of organising the next WLS Conference. This is not going as smoothly as last time, possibly because people have expectations, and we have also upped the anti by having an international speaker in Katie Jay. (who wrote the Small Bites).

I also think that because of the Small Bites, I lost some of my personality in my blog, and I certainly noticed that people stopped commenting, and providing the support that I know I need atm. So I won't be updating the same way for a while, it will be more personal instead of the small bites.

Healthwise things have gone a bit pear shaped...I am still on steroids and unfortuately I have gained around 15kgs over the last two years. Not happy about that at all and I know that a big part of that gain is actually me not eating correctly for either my gluten free or for my surgery.  I seem to have lost a lot of motiivation there and it becomes a big circle of not coping. The second immune suppressant has failed and they have now got me on a third one and it is taking a while for my body to accept the new regeime.

We still don't know anything about our on-going work situation, so the best we can do is just take that day by day till we know what happens. I am not too worried about it for the meantime and we will get plenty of warning of any changes.

We are still undergoing the process of fostering, it can take a while, and with moving it certainly delays things a bit but still looking forward to hopefully one day being able to help a little one. 

The conference planning is going well, a little slower than last year as we have more of a committee approach to the planning, which of course slows things down. Also we have a couple of hiccups with one of our speakers and I have had to find a replacement at short notice. But all good, and roll on November. 

Well, that is probably enough for now, it has taken a couple of hours to write in between the phone, facebook and watching telly with my hubby. catch you again soon.


  1. Welcome back!! I can only imagine how busy your life must be with the WLS conference organisation! My hat certainly goes off to you for doing it!
    And as for the comments... I'm lucky to get 1 or 2 per post these days... seems that cyber space has certainly quietend down a lot.
    Have a good week!
    Jo :)
    P.S. I'm doing this at work, so I'm assuming that's why it wont let me sign in to Blogger and why I am suddenly "anonymous" :)
    JustJo / wishuponakiwi / www.rhiansmum.blogspot.com

  2. Welcome back, it certainly sounds like you are pretty busy & lots of uncertainty at the moment, still I am sure you will get through it all fine.

  3. Glad the conference is going ok and bugger about your health, hope things turnaround for you soon. :-)

  4. Nice to see a more personal post again... not that your others were ikkk or anything...just not my thing.
    You moved AGAIN! Freaking hell you move a lot.
    Good luck with everything on your plate right now.

  5. good to see you back blogging says she who hasnt blogged in forever.
    I have your towels and as soon as the weather improves will post them onto you
    November is looming I am getting excited to c everyone ...if u get to see Janene can u give her a hug from me

    woint let me log in