Monday, June 20, 2011

Make that big decision

The NAWLS Small Bite for today is

Make that big decision. 
A decision to change your life is a big step, not easily taken. It is something you need to take time to consider. A big decision needs to be made in a moment of true consciousness, when you are able to see clearly what you are doing, and what the outcome of your actions will be. In that moment, you can acknowledge where you are and decide to change your course.  

If deep down you know you need to make a big decision, you can start the process. Change can be scary, but if you make your decision as an outgrowth of being in touch with yourself and your true needs, you won't go wrong. Have courage.
Action for the day: 
In your journal, write about a decision you need to make. Spend some time thinking about your decision and defining it. Then, MAKE IT. 

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So today I have had two shakes, one for breakfast and one for lunch. Everything was going fine, but I have had wicked headaches and nose bleeds, so I went to the Dr's today, and they think that I am fighting off a virus. Si made a lovely beef Risotto from scratch and we ate quite early. So this evening I ended up having something else. Will see how I go tomorrow.

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