Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ignore your impulse for instant gratification

The NAWLS Small Bite for today is

Ignore your impulse for instant gratification.
The need to feel good, or to relieve anxiety, or to entertain yourself is so compelling at times that, at first, giving in to it brings relief. Later, however, regret comes.
The pursuit of instant gratification undermines a healthy WLS lifestyle. Instead of trying to feel good in the moment, consider learning to tolerate some discomfort, so that you can experience the long-term satisfaction you really desire. 

Action for the day:
Spend today noticing when you choose instant gratification over long-term satisfaction. I your journal, write about your self-discoveries. Do you have room for improvement?

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 This is definitely something I struggle with, I am so much about the now, rather than the long term. I am the way with saving money for things, it is just too hard to wait that long for something good. I don't like dealing with the discomfort to get to a bigger goal. 

Things are shaping up for the WLS Meet & Greet, I am about to send out emails for request for sponsorship to ALOT of companies, so if anyone has any great suggestions to companies suitable to be at a WLS conference in NZ then make a comment!!!!

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