Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wear clothes that fit.

The NAWLS Small Bite for June 3rd is

Wear clothes that fit. 
For some people who have had WLS, buying clothes that fit correctly is a challenge. First, you may not see yourself as you really are; you may still have a "fat" brain--even if your body has slimmed down. And second, you may still be drawn to baggy clothes, thinking they will hide your physical flaws.
It may be time to rethink your fashion choices. Maybe something more form fitting will flatter you now. Maybe you still feel fat, but in reality you look fit and healthy.
Action for the day: 
If you feel completely out of your element at the clothing store, or if you can't seem to let go of your baggy clothes, go shopping with a friend and let him or her dress you. Even if you don't buy, at least you'll start to see the possibilities.

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