Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Lunch Box - More Protein

Yesterday's lunchbox was great but I either did not have enough protein for breakfast, or there was not enough in the lunch itself as I was so hungry by around 4pm. I was on a late start and finish yesterday so didn't get home to cook dinner till around 7:30pm so ate late last night. 

So I have upped the protein in the lunchbox today. Here it is 

It is a home made Gluten Free Scotch Egg in the clear container,
Yellow - Mixed bean and feta salad
Blue - Shaved ham
Red - cut up gerkins
Green - 1 cut up Kiwifruit. 

I have the kiwifruit and the gerkhins at morning and afternoon tea. Today will be a very rushed lunch that I will most likely eat at my desk as I have to go to my specialist appointment. I have not been happy with my blood test results, but yesterday they decided to play the game and dropped dramatically. May be that the stress of the conference organising is almost over. 

Today is also my Friday at work, so looking forward to being off and doing the last minute things before the weekend. 

Off to work now, hugs. Janine



  1. Yum... that looks great! I love the look of the scotch egg.

  2. Hi Janine,

    I am really enjoying seeing your lunches, and it makes me want to hunt out my colourful containers. Love shaved ham at the moment, it is so good on Vitawheats for a pre-dinner snack and much better for me than cheese!

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Penny xo

  3. Hi Janine - yes that is the condition you mentioned. He gets it confirmed today or Monday. I am just so glad it was found before any damage occurred. Best to find it early before the levels rise above 1000 apparently because that is when the damage is done. It is apparently quite common.