Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won the award for Favourite International WLS Personality!!! So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I even wrote and acceptance speech, which was read out on the Bariatric TV Post Awards Radio Show. 

Thanks to Diva Taunia for organising the awards and to the whole of the community who have embraced this chick from New Zealand, who to most of you probably speaks way to fast and has a funny accent.

Through Diva Taunia, the guys at BTV, and so many of you in the you tube community, you inspired me to stand up and be vocal about my own journey, and to bring more support and resources to New Zealand. Since getting to know you all, I am about to pull off the second Weight Loss Surgery Conference in New Zealand, and none of that would have happened if I had not stumbled across this wonderful community.

I have not been able to meet any of you in person yet, but I know that I will someday when I can finally afford to get to the Meet & Greets in Las Vegas. If any of you ever want to come to New Zealand my home will always be open to anyone from our wonderful community.

Thanks again, I am humbled and I wish I could be with you.
Things are a bit frantic here this week. I have heaps to do with the conference, and Katie Jay is just about on her way. I am expecting a text from her in about 5 hours to tell me she is on the way to the airport. I just can't believe the next time I speak  to her, she will be in Rotorua!!!!and I still hve to wait till Thursday 17th to finally meet her. 

Well must head to bed so I can get through tomorrow and Friday, then the weekend will be busy with conference stuff as well as getting the back yard ready for the Annual Harris Christmas party which is being held at my house for about 60 of my relatives on Dec 3rd. Man, I can't wait till Dec 5th to actually relax, although I think that is the day I have scheduled to start at Jetts gym, which have kindly given 3 gym memberships to me to give away at the conference. 

Will update some more around the conference time, especially with some photos.


  1. Well done Janine, the award is well deserved ;O)

  2. Awesome did you win anything..... and good luck for the conference, am sure it will go perfect :-)

  3. Congratulations!!!

    Good luck with the conference, you do a great job to bring it all together.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS... you deserve it!

  5. That is awesome Janine. You truly deserve it sweet. Annie