Monday, November 14, 2011

An Idea taken from Eggface

I have been following a blogger in the WLS world for some time, Her name is Michlelle Vicari, and her blog is The World According to Eggface and she has some amazing ideas. One of the things she often does is posts her lunchbox and the contents. I think this helps make her more accountable. 

Anyway I decided to do it today and I could really see that what I was having and that I was getting in a good variety without overdoing anything. 

Here is my lunch for today! (including a couple of snacks)

Blue box - kiwifruit
Green - 3 slices shaved ham 
Red - 5 slices cucumber and 1 hardboiled egg
Yellow - 2 but up gerkhins
clear - salad, with radish, cucumber, yellow pepper and feta.

So there you have it - lunch today. 

Okay so home, and just had dinner, although I have to say I don't think I had enough protein for breakfast as I was so hungry I demolished the above before lunchtime. 

Came home and opted for a high protein meal of homemade Gluten Free Scotch eggs and a mixed bean with Feta Salad. (even the coating is GF -it is a Rice Based coating) I think I will be taking a Scotch Egg for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow sees me at my last day of work for the week and then I have the prep for the conference on Wednesday and Thursday before Katie arrives at 5pm. I know I have a hair appointment at 9am on Wed and I was thinking about getting my nails done as well. I also have an appointment with Simon at lunchtime on Wednesday, otherwise I will be at home working on the presentation for Sunday, and getting the final details done for the conference.


  1. Very cool and good luck for the weekend, am sure it will all go perfect :-)

  2. That lunchbox idea is a good one, hair and nails always make people feel nice i'm sure the weekend will be great.