Sunday, November 18, 2007

On My Way

Wow, doesn't 8 weeks fly by. Actually the last 2 weeks have gone really slowly and I have has the odd slip up. I am sitting at 14 kgs lost on my scales, so I hope the hospital scales will be a little nicer to me.

I am just waiting for Dad & Val to get here for lunch and then one last race around the house to check for items I need to pack and then we need to head to the airport at about 5:30. (I prefer to be early). I am pretty sure that I will most likely get another couple of "good luck" phone calls, which I find really bizarre as I am not nervous at all.

OH, before I forget, I did a couple of pics as well, you know the traditional side and front on ones

I will add comparison ones every month...and I will try to get some measurements done as well. This is going to be exciting watching the changes.


  1. thinking of you.. look forward to hearing all about it on your return.. waves madly goodbye

  2. Wow - the op will be over and done with by now... hope everything went well... Welcome to the rest of your life!!

  3. Been thinking of you mate.... hope all went well and looking forward to hearing how it all went on your return.