Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On The Otherside

Well it is now approx 24 hrs since my operation. So far things are going well. I am not in alot of pain, although the nurses are very regular with the medication,

I think the most amount of pain is coming from the trapped wind that rides up underneath my rib cage. This should go away when my bowels start to function againm and it was the same when i had my hernia.

I had alot of visitors today. Carol and Brian, the people I was staying with for the night before my surgery. Frank and Bill from work came by, and we got talking about some stuff there, and Phil Jones, who i haven't seen for about years.

I am only on water toda, and i have managed justover 1 jug. it is very hard to rememebr to consantly sip and at the moment water even makes me feel a bit sick. I am not at all hungry, but looking forward to the chicken broth tomorrow, as it will be a change of taste.

ayway, off to walk the hallways some more, then a bit of shorty street ad another snooze I think


  1. Fantastic to see you blogging already girl!! Great to talk to you today - you sound so chirpy and happy! Well done....

  2. Thursday already How you doing girl. Thinking about you...wish I was closer could come to visit. Jimmy and I talking about coming up in April. Great to chat the other night.