Monday, November 5, 2007

2 weeks to go - time to kick some butt

Well, the last week certainly has been interesting with having my teeth out and my attitude to this pre op diet changed over that period as well. I am so sick of this, but realise that I only have two weeks to go.

Now,I WAS being really really good all this diet, really untill last week. Simon I had decided that one of the weekends (was meant to be next weekend) after I had got to 15 kgs lost, was going to be a "last meal" weekend. OOPS, we kinda made it this weekend.

I think it all came about as I had been struggling over the last 10 days of this pre op diet, and we came up with this, "let's relax the rules this weekend and then you can go hard over the next two weeks". Umm, well weighed this morning and I have gained......2.6 kgs!!!!!!!! so back to 167kgs. Not looking forward to telling the dietician!!!

But hopefully it will give my body a bit of a kick start again, cos it did seem to fall into a lull there. I also think having my own scales at home is dangerous and does not work for least while I am dieting.

Also, not sure how much this actually will have to do with it and I don't really want to sound like it is an excuse, but I only restarted "the pill" 3 weeks is it possible that some of this is "the pill" weight???

Also, that means that my period is due next week, and I always lose like 2 kgs right after my period, which is like the day of surgery.

I know, all sounds very excuse ridden, when bottom line, I got bored, and ate!! SO, now I have to move this lard in the 2 weeks I have. Plan of attack???

Well for a start, back to my 2 meal replacements, my 2 litres of water per day, and my 100 gms of protein and non starchy veges at night!!!

On the exercise front I need to move my booty, and walking the dog jsut doesn't do it for me....yes it is good, but it is not good enough to move the lard. SO, tonight I am going Line Dancing and today I will ring around a whole heap of gyms and see if I can't get my arse into somewhere for just 2 weeks.....even if I have to pay per session. Then I am going to jump on a treadmill everyday and walk walk walk...for like 45 mins and see how far I can go. I am thinking that they gym closest to work might be the best option, or I could just go back to curves.....i think i might have to give them a couple months worth of payments to catch up, but that is doable as well.

But, it means that I have to do something to shift pretty much around 5 kgs in 2 weeks, otherwise I will not be a happy camper and I will be putting myself at risk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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