Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Holidays 2009

We have just got back from a very relaxing 4 days away up at the caravan in Taupo. It was just what we needed to have some space to ourselves and a bit of a rest before we gear up to move house and for me start my new job.

We headed up on Boxing Day after having had a really lovely Christmas at Dad & Val's. Although I have posted some pics on Facebook, I will put some here as well. After getting to Taupo we set up the caravan and headed to the shops. We ended up having takeaways that night as we were town a little later than we thought, but it was beautiful sitting watching the sunset behind the mountains at the other end of the lake.

On Sunday we had decided was going to be a bit of a tourist day and we headed off to Rotorua to see the sites and we decided to go to the Buried Village. It is not quite as good as I remembered it from beinga child, but was still good. Si & I both enjoyed the stroll through the parklike surrounds, although when she said the climb back up from the waterfall was "gradual" she was obviously joking as the sign at the top says " Congratulations - that is quite a climb". But the fantastic thing is that 2 years ago, I would NEVER have gone down to the waterfall. Unfortuantely it did twinge Si's back a little, but a good nights rest and some medication made all the difference.

Monday came along and we met Jackie, David & Blondiebum for lunch. Blondie had introduced herself at the supermarket the day before after having recognised me.....although she did know I was coming to her neck of the woods as she had emailed (which I read when I got home) offering us a place to stay which was very lovely!!! Si and I headed off to the Prawn Farm after that....we both love prawns and thought we would do a spot of prawn fishing for our dinner........well, after 2 hours sitting in the sun, I caught 1 and Si.......none!!!!! We decided that we would release him back in as he was a breeding male.

Here is a short video & pictures of our trip set to some of Si's music.

So home on Tuesday, got home around 2pm, Dad & Val came over for dinner, and we had a great time playing a game that I got Si for Christmas called "The art of conversation" is basically questions that are designed to stimulate worked...Dad & Val stayed till around 10:30pm.

Today we have one of my brothers here for a Christmas lunch as they were with his father in law who is not well on Christmas Day. It will be great to see my neice & nephew and I hope to get some pics....not sure if they will want me to post them on here though, so might not.
We maybe having one of our friends also come up for a visit today, he had mentioned it, but we have not heard from him, so not certain. Oh well, the more the merrier.

Our New Years celebrations are going to consist of an open home party at my Dad's. He has invited some of his neighbours, friends and of course some wil be interesting to see who turns up.....will hopefully get some pics of that to.


  1. Glad to see you arrived back safely AND glad you had some nice time together away!!!

  2. Very nice video. Glad you had such a nice time.

  3. Glad you had a great time! Looking forward to hearing about your new job, and I hope the move goes smoothly!
    Miss you!

  4. just catching up on blogs... sounds like you have had a fantastic time! Good luck for the move and new job - you'll do GREAT! :)

  5. Hi Janine,
    Well you are looking really good in some of those photos. You have obviously lost alot of weight and I haven't seen you for a few years anyway. Keep up the great work.
    Good luck with the new job.