Monday, December 21, 2009

On the Road Again

Yup – it is official, we are definitely moving house again and soon. We have only 2 weeks to pack and move………moving date is the 5th January and we have Christmas, New Years, a little holiday away and me starting my new job all at the same time. So it works out that we are moving on my first day at work, and I will have to leave the move up to Si, his parents and the moving company. We were extremely lucky to be able to get them actually as they were pretty booked solid, but because we have had so many moves with them over recent months they made room for us and they have given us a substantial discount and provided boxes and tape for us.

I am looking forward to the new house, although the two front bedrooms are a little damp and I think I will need to invest in a dehumidifier....the rest of the house is brilliant, and I will be having a BBQ in late Jan/ or early Feb for those of you in the Manawatu area who might want to pop by. I will also get some photos up as soon as we are settled and everything is in place. Of course this might take a little longer than normal as I will have started the new job as well.

Christmas for us is going to be hectic – I still have 3 pavlovas to make before Friday and this year I thought I might try and make one like what my cousin’s late husband used to make… is a green peppermint flavoured pavlova and I thought I could top it with cream and shaved chocolate. I will do 2 normal ones as well and have the strawberries on them. We are actually going to Dad & Val’s for Christmas Lunch and then we will be heading to the caravan in Taupo for a couple of days rest before coming home to packing!!!!

Our Christmas present to ourselves is My Sky and we will be getting that installed in the new house on 12th January, so that gives me some time to unpack the house first before sitting down in front of the telly and the new toy.

So Merry Christmas to you all… Christmas wish is that more of you will find your voice and comment more regularly…….I know some of you do, but it would be nice to know more of who is reading without having to go private.


  1. Bugger about the move but good you already have a place :-) - am still reading just been bloody busy lol

  2. Shaking head... I can't believe you have to move AGAIN! Are you going to Palmy then?

  3. Hi,

    You don't know me, but my name is Michelle and I read your blog all the time, without leaving a comment. I just want to say, good on you in what you are doing and very proud of the process you do with your job hunting and moving house etc. Just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful christmas and a wonderful New Year. Take care
    Michelle. PS come across your blog by accident, hope you don't mind me reading your blog?

  4. I hope the move goes well AND I WISH you a very merry xmas... Looking forward to new pictures of the new digs!!! (was nice of the moving company too!)

  5. All go for you once again! Lots of changes ahead again - here's hoping 2010 is a great year for you both.

    Have a a great Chistmas!

  6. My stars, how sucky to have to move yet again. You guys must be almost professionals at it by now. If the new job doesn't 'do it for you' you could practically start your own 'pack company', where you wrap and box everyone elses stuff. You have done it so many times you must be experts by now. lol, oh well, rather you then me luvy. (I HATE moving, but if you saw the amount of 'stuff' I've accumulated I'm sure you would understand why)

  7. My Sky is brilliant. You will love it. Never again will you have to choose between two programs. Just watch one and recrd the other. We have just recently got it as a free upgrade from Vodafone as we transfered landline, broadband and Sky to them.