Saturday, December 5, 2009

No news.........

Nothing on the job front, they had sent me an email saying

We are aiming to be in a position to advise you on the status of your application by Friday, 11 December 2009. We appreciate your patience during this process and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to be in touch

Although I have not as yet heard anything. I get really frustrated when that happens and you can't help but let your midn think that it means that you have not been successful, although i do know that they had trouble getting hold of one of my referees. I so hope that I will get this job, even though the hours are not ideal, we will work around them and make it work.

Yesterday I went to my cousins husbands funeral, and it was a very very large funeral, and I learnt alot about him I didn't know from the speakers, although it was also a very long one about 90 mins all up by the time we got out to the car and heading for the cemetary. Got home about 7:30 last night, and just relaxed and watched some telly. This was the second funeral I had been to since Mum's and the first burial.......was a couple of times there that were a little hard, although it was much easier than I expected. I always get teary though as I find it hard seeing other people upset....although I managed to control it most of the time, the odd tear escaped and ran down my cheek.

Today I have been out in the garden already and done the minor weeding and watered the tomatoes and capsicums. Everything is coming along nicely and seemed to have had a huge growth spurt with the recent rain although because I have not been so vigilant, I managed to let the cauliflower go to seed. It is so amazing how nature can change something overnight from ripe and ready to over ripe and useless for what I need it.

I am going to get some more baking done today, we seem to be demolishing any baking that I do, which is normally only bran muffins and gingernut biscuts......but I might try something different today. Tonight we are going to have a BBQ dinner, just the family but salads (lettuce from the garden) and new pototoes with some rump steak and sausages done on the BBQ.

Tomorrow we might try and head out for a picnic lunch somewhere, just to go for a drive and to get out of the house. Will see if we feel like it tomorrow.


  1. At least you got an email!
    Glad the funeral is behind you.
    Your BBQ sounds lovely, wonder if I can persuade Stew to do one tonight????

  2. What's that saying - no news is good news.

    Was a huge funeral wasn't it! And as you said quite a long one.

    Enjoy your weekend:-)

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your cousin's loss. Funerals are hard, no matter how well you know the person who passed.

    I do hope you get the job.

    The drive and the picnic along with the BBQ (cook out for us Americans! Haha!) will do you some good.

  4. I think my comment was eaten by the internets. Hmph! :(

    I do hope you get the job, Janine. I am sure you are more suited for the position than any of the other candidates!

    I am sorry to hear of your cousin's loss. Funerals are hard, no matter how well you know the person who passed.

    I am glad that you are having a BBQ (cookout for us Americans! Hah!) and the drive/picnic this weekend. It's always nice to be around family & loved ones, this time of year.