Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No news stilll......well sort of..UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought that they were meant to get back to me last Friday .......not the 11th like it said in the email from them. So I looked like a right dork on Monday when I called just explaining that I was away at a funeral on Friday and I may have missed a call.......let's hope it doesn't count against me........especially the attention to detail........OOPS!!!!

Saw the specialist today at Palmy hospital. I am under two different depts, the gastroenterology for the Auto-Immune Liver Disease and Rheumatology for the Sacroilitis. So anyway, it was about the liver disease that I saw him today, and overall he is pleased with how things are going. He said that my levels are still higher than they should be, but he is happy with the progress I am making. So much so, he has decided to reduce my steroids by 5mgs a day for the next month and then another 5 mg reduction for the following 2 months. After that we will review.

He was not too stressed about where my weight is sitting which is 104.7 kgs as at this morning......sure I would like it to be under that 99 kgs mark, and I can certainly feel the difference now that 5 kgs makes, whereas before I could not tell if I had put weight on or not.
I should be spending more time at Curves, I have been a bit slack over the last couple of weeks, partially I think because I have been picking up some shifts at the security job and partially as I could not be arsed.

One thing however he was a bit concerned with was my calcium levels and I am really bad at taking that particular supplement.......give myself a kick up the ass!!! He is also doing tests on magenesium, vitamin D, A and E levels. He wants me to try the iron with vitamin C rather than the iron with folic acid that I am on now. So many pills I feel like I rattle!!!!! Oh and I am also on some antibiotics as I have a little annoying boil/cyst thing that just won't go away and he said it might eventually need surgery..........let's hope not.

Tonight we managed to get the outside christmas lights up......not many, just a couple of strands under each front window......really hard to get a picture of them, maybe I will try and get a video instead, so you can get the effect........maybe tomorrow night!!!

Anyway that's me done, dishes are done, clothes are washed, dried and folded and the gardens are watered........nite nite!!!!

UPDATE: I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting on the 5th January 2009, I will be working for IRD!!!! It is a call centre position and is around 24 hours a week, however the first 6 weeks training are full time, so that is fantastic just after Christmas.

Oh - the other not so good update is that the borer issue in the house is worse than we thought and there is a possibility that the owners may decide to sell the house instead of spending the time to do the work. It would be a big job to do and I am not sure that we can handle the distruption, so we might be looking for another house.........again.............arghhhhhhh, I am an expert at moving as you know, but this is ridiculous!!!!!


  1. fantastic re job as I said on facebook bummer re haveing to move again ick


  2. Yay thats awesome you got the job! Bugger about maybe moving tho

  3. Oh geez, sorry about the house news. Hopefully you'll find the perfect place to move to and will be able to settle in for a while there. :)

    As for the calcium stuff - I think you had asked me previously if Bariatric Advantage ships to NZ? They don't, BUT they said it was ok for me to ship it to you. So basically, you'd just pay for the extra shipping and I'd send them out to you. It may be worth it....the lemon chews are AH-MAZING. I can ask them to send me some samples if you want me to send them to you to try. :)

    Congrats on the good news about the liver, though. Fingers crossed everything keeps moving in a positive direction!

  4. GREAT NEWS on the JOB I take effervescent CALCIUM tablets HUGE MOTHER tablets and they fizz and dissolve AND you justt drink it no worries ASK YA DOCTOR!

  5. Oh no,,,, not another move. That would totally sux. ( I HATE moving)

    Yay on being sucessful with securing the job, thats awesome.

  6. Hope the move does not happen, and congrats on the job. David works for IRD and let me know when you are in Taupo will catch up for sure :-)

  7. Congratulations on the job!!!!

    Sucks about having to maybe shift again - you will have to make sure any prospective buyers know about the borer :-), might put them off.