Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back in the swing of things

Home from my weekend away with Roz. It was an awesome and very tiring and challenging weekend and I came down with a cold whilst away, no where near as bad as the last time and I am almost over it already.

Back at work yesterday and really enjoying it. I am still to hear back about the job (at work) that I interviewed for. It will most likely be early next week before I do. I did however hear back about the other position I applied for, and I was unsuccessful in obtaining. The teamleader of that team gave me some feedback yesterday, which was great, and he pretty much said that it was just a matter of timing. I have only been in my current role for 6 months, so I didn't have enough experience yet for the role, although he was very positive about the possibililty in the future and he said hehad some very positive comments about my work ethic and abilities, so that was awesome.

Scales yesterday were positive and said 106.7 kgs, so that is another 700 gm drop in the week.
My aims have changed slightly with this. I am not going to stress about the figures, they are what they are, but I am going to commit to me and move forward. The plan I have put in place is to follwoing my surgeons guidelines in regards to my eating plan, and more specifically the water part. I know that I have not been getting anywhere near as much water as I could, and part of that is not paying that much attention to the guidelines.

Exercise wise, well I am going to get another pedometer, the cellphone is great when I am going out for a formal walk, but not so good for wearing all day as it is a bit bulky. I was thinking of a watch pedometer, but they look so "manly" and are not very elegant. (listen to me....I sound like I am trying to be elegant).

My step aims for the week are starting out small but acheiveable....I know that I tend to jump in with 3 guns blazing (with only two hands) sometimes, so I need to make it real and most importantly acheivable. So, my plan is:
Aqua aerobics twice a week
  • 4000 steps everyday (incidental)
  • 10000 steps x 2 in a week
  • Follow the guidelines for eating from the surgeon
  • Continue with gluten free
Small but simple steps will make this so much more acheivable. The plan for the two days where I need to get to 10000 steps is to do a formal walk, so something like a 4- 5 km walk on those days as well as the normal incidental walking.

I just looked up jaycar electronics and they have just basic pedometers for only $2.50 so I am going to pick up one of those on the way to work (they are across the road) and maybe even splashout on the ones that can be uploaded to my PC - they are a whopping big $6.


  1. When you find a pedometer you like let me know. I've tried two different ones that hook at your waistline and they were far from accurate. When I want to count my steps, which I do often, I pick up shells and use them like an abacus, shifting them from hand to hand, pocket to pocket every 100 steps with different shapes everytime I reach 1000 steps. Talk about dorky. That means I miss out aon all the incidental walking.

    I like your plan.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and are starting to feel better already! :)

  3. pleased to read you had a nice time away and what positive comments from your work that has to be all good.Fingers crossed.

  4. I love the new blog look - fabulous! You're doing great, rock!

  5. I kill pedometers! I think I've had about 8 already! Expensive and cheap... I kill them all.
    I hope you get that job... fingers crossed.

  6. I dropped my last pedometer in the loo but wonder if the place acros street would come to the party for the meet and greet but knowing our Janine you have already got that well in hand.
    Glad you and Roz had a great weekend-I am off to Timaru this weekend for a linen conference and looking forward to catching up with the girls

  7. It sounded like an awesome weekend. I love your plan as well. I need to concentrate on the smaller chucks as well. Well done on the weight loss too. I've decided small and steady along the way is good. Well done and big hugs. Annie

  8. I LOVE that you want to be elegant! I'm not much the elegant type, but I want to be. I guess we have to start somewhere and if it's with a pedometer, then so be it!

  9. its offical I am coming booked airfares yesterday it is happening I am gonna be in Palmy 19th for the Meet and Greet...also thinking it time we had a bloggers reunion in Chch maybe March 2011 wat ya think