Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Didn't get the job

But that is 100% okay. Sure it would have been nice, but I am such a newbie to the organisation that I was thinking that it was unlikely that I would get it. They said that I interviewed brilliantly and that I nailed the assessment, but their one concern was actually my sick leave. Si doesn't think theyhave a right to actually decline me on that basis, but when it is an internal application they do look at all of these things, and on paper it doesn't look good that I have used my entitlement in the first 8 months. At the end of the day I just don't think it was meant to be, and there will always be other opportunities that will come up.

Weight has crept up a little this week, sitting at 107.6 kgs yesterday morning, but since the last week has not been good with evening meals, and we have been grabbing what we can (ie not planning) then it is to be expected. I will take ownership of that and make it work.

The plans for exercise have also fallen a little by the side as well, as for this week and next I am on a funny shift, neither early or late......oh and both the pedometers I bought are back to wearing the mobile, which is not so good for work, but still more accurate than anything else I have tried.

Went to the dietian at the hospital today, which was interesting as I was not sure what her focus was, as I was not sure which specialist had referred me to her. Well it turns out that it was for my Gluten Intolerance, and the latest research is that for my skin conidition you need to be Gluten Free, not just low Gluten, which I had kinda figured out, cos as soon as I have anything with Gluten I get itchy and come out within 36 hours little blisters/rashes on my elbows and buttocks. She was not however aware of my Auto Immune Liver Disease or my Gastric Bypass, but she was impressed with how much I had already researched about being Gluten Free and how many changed I had put in place.

Other than that, things are ticking laong nicely, we have another order of wood arriving on Friday and hopefully that will be the last one and it will be enough to see us through till Summer. Oh for those of you who are not on Facebook, I got my haircut on Monday morning. It was driving me nutty over the weekend, and although I am not a girlie girl, I do want to feel good about myself, so I took charge and I went to a proper salon and got my haircut.....I had been thinking about it for a while. I was kinda worried that I would pick a style that I could not recreate, but I dreamt about this one on the Sunday night, talked it over with the hairdresser and bingo, i love it, and have managed to actual style it the same for the last 3 days!!! and it only takes 5 anyway, here is a pic of it, although I think it looks better  with big hoop earrings, which I bought myself today!!!


  1. I'm sorry to read you didn't get the job; I'm certain the right thing will come along at the right time. Just hang in there!

  2. Sorry about the job (but do the people at work ) realise what you have been through and achieved to be just where you are today? Aside from that I love your new hairdo it is very you.

  3. Everything happens for a reason... Sorry you didn't get it, but I'm sure it's for the best in the long run!
    Love the new 'do! You look great!

  4. Everything happens for a reason. So, that must mean there's a better job out there for you. Trust me, I'm having to do the same thing! :-) I'm glad that you are doing well according to the nutritionist.

    LOVE the new hair do!

  5. Bummer about the job, at least they are now aware you are serious & I am sure once you have all your health issues under control you will get the job you want. At the moment you can concentrate on getting yourself well.

    I love the haircut, it is really nice & easy to look after but still looks really feminine.

  6. Hi Janine

    Love the haircut!

    I'm sure the job situation was meant to be - something else must be out there for you:-)

  7. So love the haircut and bugga about the job but it was not meant to be and when the right time is for the perfect job it will be there..... :-)

  8. Sorry about not getting the job.. I am sure something else will come up.
    I like the haircut on you, though I dont know how anyone can stand hair on their face! I know I can't bear it.

  9. Sorry to hear that about the job. Hopefully something else that much more awesome is just waiting for you!

    With that said, Oh my! Love the hair! It is just so perfect on you!!!!

  10. Loved the haircut Janine. And loved reading you update and the latest one. Glad to hear you are keeping positive and looking new ways all the time. Love the idea of the cookbook. I'm sure there is many a good idea out there. I need good protein snacks or protein bar recipes. (done in Nz measurements and ingredients. LOL)
    Talk soon.