Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A short week

This week seems to be flying by already.....I only have 4 days at work this week and then I am spending the whole weekend with Roz doing a course in Wellington. It sure will be a full on weekend and I am bound to learn alot!!!!

I have moved weigh in days to Tuesdays as Monday's my weight is always slightly up for some reason, I think it must be to do with salt intake and maybe it is higher in the weekends or maybe just because my eating routine is not the same. So for this week, I have weighed in at 107.5 kgs which is not too bad since it is also that time. so a loss this week of 700 gms.

I get my blood test reults back today and will be able to see if the new combination of gluten free and the new drugs are having a good effect on my liver results. I personally think that they will be, but I won't actually know till I see the results.

The weekend was pretty fantastic.....Saturday we didn't do alot actually, just mucked around home and played on the computer. But on Sunday I had our WLS monthly support group and we had a great turnout, including visitors....Tim from Taupo who was on his way down to have his surgery in Wellington, and he has promised to drop by to our next meeting to join us as a post op boy. Also, Emma from Wellington and her hubby who were up here doing a show at centrepoint, who is having her surgery with David in about 3 weeks.
The WLS meet & greet is being promoted by several of the surgeons now and we are getting more registrations through, which is fantastic.......so if want to check out our website or if you want to come along, just pop along to HERE

Oh - I also have a job interview tomorrow at work for one of the permanent postions doing a different role. If I am successful it will be not as much phone work and it will be daytime hours.....so keep your fingers crossed.

I have a couple of medical appointments this month, more on those at a later time.......and maybe just on my private blog.

Anyway - off and about...



  1. Gosh that's all fantastic news well done on the organising for the meeting and BIG UPS to the doctors for promoting it, ever thought the television people may be interested or news people?Good luck with your interview.

  2. Hi Janine,

    Are you depending on Gluten Free to relieve the dermatitis?

    I looked up the drug, (Dapsone), that's supposed to help almost immediately and it's not on the free schedule and I'm told it's expensive.

    What do you do? I see my Dr in a couple of weeks and will go armed with info and hopefully will not be laughed out of her rooms. I hate discussing anything that is not simple/straightforward. It stems from all the years struggling with undiagnosed ME. I once vowed the only time I would go to a Dr. was with something 'simple' like a broken leg. Why do Drs get so upset if you go in with something not run of the mill. That's what they're there for. I can handle simple stuff myself. It's when it interferes with quality of life that they're supposed to help.

    You are doing an amazing job with WLS.

  3. Hi Janine
    What a great loss. Well done you. I hope you have another good week this week. Every loss is a loss. :-)
    Best of luck for the job interview. I pray it goes well for you as it sounds great. How is your walking coming along? Good I hope.
    Awesome news you have more signed up as well. Take care and chat soon.

  4. Things sound good! How did the job interview go? It's been a couple of days, so I'm hoping to hear wonderful news! I can't wait to hear how well the gluten free has been. Hopefully it'll be something to get us out of the "slump"!

    Have a great day!

  5. Good luck with getting the job and better hours.