Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well a week of eating right and exercise resulted in a gain.......just don't get it, had gone up to 109.2, which is a gain of 400 gms.....but then this morning, I got on the scales and I was down to 108.2. I can't keep up with what my body is doing at the moment, so I am taking todays weight as my official weigh in.

Exercise has dropped of a bit, I am still wearing my pedometer but have not been for any organised walks. I am still jumping on the Wii for step but that should all change next week when I can get out for morning walks or to morning aqua as I revert back to the evening shift next week.

Oh I got an appointment in the mail yesterday to the Palmerston North Hospital Dietian, which was a referral by my gastroenterologist.....weird as he knows I am under the care of my surgeon's team. However as the new meds seem to be having more of an effect and I feel so puffy and yuckky right now, maybe it is best I still go.....another opinion can't hurt, however it will be interesting to see what they make of a "gluten intolerant cut and paste girl"

On Wednesday I am heading off to Lower Hutt with my Dad, my Mum's brother passed away over the weekend, so we are going to the funeral. He was the last of her siblings alive so the end of an era really.

No news on the work front regarding the positions at work, I am really not expecting to get one of them, but if you don't put your hand up you can't be considered. I think they would be more me actually as It is more a mix of admin, phones and data entry and you get to manage your own workload, which I think would be better. Maybe it is just after 18 years or so I am over the call centre environment.

One exciting thing.....my friend Annie.......who I had surgery with on the same day has started blogging, but she is kind of a private gal, and is a bit shy, so I thought that some of my loving, kind and considerate readers might be of as much support to me as they are to her.......so if you would like to support Annie with her WLS journey and battle then drop me a message with your email address and I can pass it onto her.....or email me janine.hallewell@gmail.com


  1. I hope the hospital appointment goes well and the dietician can help.
    Hope the funeral is not to upsetting. I hate funerals.

  2. LOl - Who would have thought of me as being Shy!! he,he.
    I know how disappointed you must have been at the first scale read - pure frustrating. Keep up the good work though and the exercise - it will pay off. You have been my inspiration to get out and walk this week - so keep inspiring me buddy. xx Annie

  3. Bugger about the scales.... they did go down the next day though :-) And hope the dietitian goes ok.

  4. Hi there! I'd love to visit Annie's blog... She's lucky to have a friend like you! :-)

    Hopefully the weight will drop when the puffiness goes away a bit.. any change in routine will shock your system!


  5. I would like to follow Annie's blog. Address is oakridge@xtra.co.nz

    Aqua - Lido is in the shallow water and the moves so it's aerobics. I prefer the deep water at Freyberg but it's a bit colder. Suggest you give both pools a go and see what you like best!