Monday, July 19, 2010

10 Week Challenge

Yup - Annie & I are starting a 10 week challenge, which is the 10 weeks of the school term to get ourselves back to a better position weight wise. We are both wanting to lose around 8-9 kgs.

This morning I weighed in at 108.8 kgs so a total loss this week of 500 gms, so pretty happy with that considering I only did one walk.

I am aiming to do some form of exercise everyday - either going for a walk or doing something on Wii.......

So right this minute the dog is waiting and I am heading out the door for a walk.....

Back later - will update a little Challenge update on the sidebars and if anyone else wants to join in then the more the merrier. 10 weeks, something acheiveable.......!!!

Okay - so Maree is on board and we have decided we are going to get together for a walk 2 x each week if we can - might be a little harder once I start back on evening shift, but that is not for another two weeks, so that is at least 4 walks we can get it!!!

Maree mentioned something cool she had read recently and it made her is a little along the lines of mindset......just 5 short questions that can really shape your day.

How are you going to ease into another marvellous week?
What are you going to put into place to support you as you move through the week ahead?
How is it you want your week to look like?
Who is it you want to connect with?
Where is it you want to go and what do you want to experience when you get there?

Remember as the week unfolds that you have control of you andyour view of happenings around you.

So I did my short walk, Si came with me and the dog and he did 1/2 the small circuit that I did. I did just under 2km and I am still planning on doing some Wii later on. Maree and I are going to meet up at my house at 4:30 pm for anyone who is local and who might want to join in.....if you need to contact me for my address email me.


  1. hey girls! Kazz @ Kazz's journey has started an exercise challenge that you guys could join for 10 weeks too! The first week is to do a 6km walk in some form or another!

  2. Yahoo for day 1..

  3. maybe a 10 wk challenge is what I need=wont be able to join you for ya walks though although we can have a couple maybe when I'm in P/N
    heading to pool soon so will weigh in there not looking forward to that as I know I have made a load of mistakes over last couple weeks

  4. I hope your challenge goes well.

  5. Good on you Janine. That is definitely what I have to do. One little walk a day.