Thursday, July 1, 2010

Damn it.......I missed True Blood

So bummed I missed True BLood last night...........oh well there is always the internet I guess!!!!
Will watch it on there.

Anyway, onto today. I was up super early this morning as I had to have a blood test before work, nothing major, just that it had to be today and I am so ued to getting jabbed now I am sure that my veins stand to attention and say pick me pick me......LOL, well at least now that I have lost weight you can actually find my veins.

So the eating thing is going well, I had today

Breakfast - Vanilla Eatme Protein shake, with yoghurt and milk.
Morning Tea - Manderin & cup of tea
Lunch - 3 corn thins with a small can of lemon pepper tuna, small apple.
Afternoon tea - cup of tea
Afterwork treat - large trim 1/2 strength hot chocolate and I turned down the chocolate fish
Dinner - 4 chicken wings, brocoli floret, 1/2 carrot and a tablespoon of scalloped potato. (and about 1/8 cup of grated edam cheese while making dinner)
Supper - two rice crackers & a coke zero.

I have no idea about what this would translate into points on the WW system........but I know that I don't eat anywhere near as much when I am tracking as to when I am not and all of the above is gluten free. I am actually enjoying finding ways of creating stuff that is gluten the scalloped potatoes, usually I would have used a packet mix with cream/milk etc. and the flavouring of the packet would have had gluten in the form of thickeners.....but today I did not......I actually made it all from scratch and I had a brainwave.....using the philidephia cream for cooking, it is brilliant, can he heated to a high heat and it does not separate. I had used it before in soups etc, but for this it was perfect, I just added the potatoes, and all of the flavouring and cheese all together and mixed it all up and then tossed the whole lot into a dish and baked for about and hour.....was so scrummy. Definately on the menu again, infact probably for lunch tomorrow with some chop chop chicken or watties chicken on top.....yummy!!!


  1. Yummm that potato thing sounds yummm, have got some of that in the fridge..... Have a great weekend :-)

  2. ohhh that recipe sounds nice I might try that I love filly cheese BUT full cheese hates me!!I always go to the first night of any opening movie I LOVE (however I DID NOT go to eclipse last night Waaaaaaaaaaaa)