Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well I never thought I would get anywhere near 10000 steps in a day, and I can't beleive that I actually have done it.....well all but, as at 7pm I have done just over 9500 and I still will be wandering around my house doing cooking and washing up etc and then I am going to settle down and watch the final of Grey's Anatomy.

So how did I do it, well I took Porsche out for a walk and was meant to be doing that with Maree (one of the WLS Palmy girls) but something cropped up and she couldn't make it, so I donned my shoes and went anyway. I think I might be a little stiff tomorrow........I think I might also try out aqua aerobics....maybe just once a week, unfortunately I will be going to late shift in two weeks so might just go to a morning class.....if there is one....I must ask Anne.

Nothing else much on the cards, I have changed desks at work and also changed teams again, so have a new team leader. None of that really makes any difference at the moment, but will in a couple of weeks when I start back on lates. My new team leader is actually my trainer, and she has moved into the team leader role whilst one of the others is on maternity leave.

I have also applied for a couple of permanent fulltime jobs at work,(I am currently on a temp full time) but since I have only been there 6 months I am not sure how successful I will be...can only sit and wait basically.

Anyway - dinner needs to be looked at and Shory Street is on....thank goodness for my Tivo where I can rewind live telly......hehe.


  1. I know the pedometers do help keep you motivated and moving:-) Well done Janine!

    Also lots of different time options for Aqua in Palmy at the two pools, even lunch time ones three times a week.

  2. good luck on the fulltime situation we probably all surprise ourselves at how far we actually walk!!

  3. Good for you on the 10,000 steps :-)

  4. Congratulations! 10,000 steps doesn't come easy. Sounds like things are well and I'm glad to hear it!

  5. Awesome Janine. See you can do it.