Friday, July 16, 2010

u turn..........

Need to do a u turn here, my weight is creeping back up to that "do or die mark" and I do not want to see it go over that, so have to get it back under control.

With me being sick last week and being at home, my eating suffered terribly, I was home and that meant that I could graze all day......bad move!!! So now it has to be back to being in control and also getting out and exercising.....It has to be a mindset. Recently on you tube there has been alot of videos posted in the WLS community about Mindset......and let's face it, the WLS is now just a tool for me and it depends on how I use it to if it works or not.....I mean using a pitchfork as a spade takes a long time to get a job done, but if I use the right equipment then it should take no time at all.

But back to is up to me to choose how to face this.....I can bury my head in the sand and let the weight creep back up, or I can choose to remain positive and do something about it, and that means making sure I am eating the right fuels......and MOVE!!! So today I have a 1/2 day at work, and then I am going to get a hair cut.......ends need it terrible, and no I am not going to get it all cut off.......well I don't think I am.....might update later with a pic....although I still have a cold, so still look all puffy in the face. Then, the pooch and I are going to go for a walk around our neighbourhood.........I reckon that I should be home by 2pm and I might head down towards the river for hopefully about an hour.....

Will update when I get back as to how that went!!!

UPDATE::::Thank you so much Maree for the walk and the chat.....I really needed both, and it does re-enforce that I need to do this everyday......and the dog seemed to love it as well. So we managed to get together for a small but good starting walk of 2.35 km.......which for a first day was not to bad......and next time I will aim for more. I also showed Maree the Wii, and found some other things that I can actually have fun doing on it to burn some kilojoules and also build up some cardiovascular fitness.

I didn't manage to get a haircut as I forgot it was the last day of the school holidays and everyone was out getting their kid's hair cut......mad!!!!


  1. text me and i will walk with you. need exercise...

  2. Go girl and yes it is all about mindset.....

  3. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog! It is such a mindset to follow through on what you decide's so tricky! But, we can definitely do this and we have a little helper to support and aid our journey. Let's do it!