Monday, July 5, 2010


Well after a busy weekend I have come down with the sniffles. My throat hurts and I am cold and sneezy and just feeling rundown. I don't have much sick leave up my sleeve, so will have to manage this week carefully. I am actually on late shift this week, so don't start till midday, so at least I can sleep in at the moment. This morning at 3:30 am when my throat was like razorblades I really didn't think I would be going anywhere, but a lozenge and some more sleep and it came right.

I am a bit confused at work actually, we have been put back to the late shift and only on a contract variation to full time (I was hired as part time) and they are in the process of hiring 12 new staff.....all apparently on fulltime rotational I asked if Ican apply as they are better shifts than what I am of them team leaders thought that was a bit odd, but the others can see my logic.

Weight has come down from it's highest last week of 108.9 close to that freak out point. This morning it was 106.2 kgs, so a total loss of 2.7 kgs this week, so have to be happy about that. This week, although I am going to be good, it is much harder when I don't get home till 8:15 ish as it feels as though dinner just sits in my guts......and I don't seem to process it as well. Also TOM is due this week, so not expecting great things scales wise.

The conference is still chugging along, hoping to hit the 70 registered mark over the next couple of weeks and then the information will be out to all of the surgeons so I am sure we will get a surge in numbers then. I am now getting more and more businesses wanting to be part of it, so it is very very cool.

Actually back to the first line of this post....the weekend. I had a busy weekend, Friday night we just took it easy at home, although we had been invited to Dad's for a pot luck dinner we decided that at the moment itis hard enough trying to figure out what I can eat when I cook for myself, let alone trying to work out if I can eat someone elses cooking.

Then on Saturday I made a loaf of gluten free bread and a banana cake, and I am pleased to say that both turned out brilliantly!!! I know I will definately do the banana cake again. We took both some of the cake and the loaf of bread to my friend Judes house for dinner. She has just started working with Si's compnay part time, and it was nice just to sit around and catch up. She was one of the people who inspired me to have WLS in the first place.

On Sunday I adapted my gingernuts recipe to be Gluten free and higher protein (by adding protein powder) and then headed out to lunch with a couple of former workmates, one of whom is also Gluten Intolerant. Then it was onto the WLS Support Group meeting, which as one of the others commented recently it is now just like a group of friends getting together once a month for a chat and a coffee......long may it continue!!!


  1. the banana loaf sounds and nice and maybe the biscuits could work for me I may look into that.

  2. Sounds like the gluten free is doing the trick.... and awesome the conference is taking off well done you :-)

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon :-)

  4. Sad to hear about the sniffles. :-( But very excited to hear that the baking/recipes worked out brilliantly! The gluten free change has created new adventure. How exciting!