Friday, July 2, 2010

Changing shifts.....

Just found out tonight that our shifts are changing back to the late shift as at the first week of August....I actually have late shift next week, then a couple of weeks of day shift and then it is back to lates again. I am also moving teams at work and will have a new team leader. This will be team leader number 4 since I started, although I know that this one will be really good to have.
It looks at though at this stage we will still be fulltime so that is a bonus.

Anyway, just a quick update really to do the food thing, I am going to be trying to do some gluten free baking in the weekend, so will be interesting.

Food today has been pretty good

Breakfast - oops almost forgot so had 10 rice crackers as I headed out the door
Morning Tea - Protein cookie & Cup of tea
Lunch - 2 chicken wings, and 2 tablespoons scalloped potatoes & and apple
Afternoon Tea - Cup of tea
After Work - Trim 1/2 strength hot chocolate
Dinner - grilled fish fillet and about 12 chips & a coke zero.
Supper - 2 rows of whittakers almond chocolate.......very very full now!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yay for the full time - boo for the late nights! Unless you like them, of course. If I had to work late nights, I'd be sleeping!

    I can't wait to hear how your gluten free recipes work for you! Is the gluten-free diet helping you to feel better?

  2. Must get your address so I can get the HFG mags to you. They are older ones as my friend took the later ones but still good.

  3. whittakers almond chocolate is my favourite I would love to work nights so my days would be free and I could do more school stuff!!mmmmmmm may work on that.

  4. ohh followed by whittakers macadamia!

  5. So glad we don't have Whittaker's macadamia here anywhere to buy! That sounds devine!