Monday, August 23, 2010


So, I am sitting here and getting random thoughts popping into my head. I thought I may as well process them by writing it down and at least amuse myself…..LOL.

So anyway, I am loving my hair…..It is so easy to do, it takes about 5 mins in the morning including straightening, and I am finding that I am wanting to actually wear make up (well at least a little mascara and lippy) and it is amazing how much more proud I am of looking good….it does actually seem to put me in a better frame of mind.

Food – well, what can I say, the Gluten Free thing is actually is going okay, although I do need to stop the snacking and ask myself “am I really hungry?” and to be honest, a lot of the time I would not be, I would just be bored. Si and I have made a rule that we are not allowed to eat in the computer room at all, and that we have to actually sit down at the table for our evening meal. Infact I should do that for all meals. I know at lunchtime to make my tuna on rice-cakes more appealing I put it on a plate with my cut up fruit…..Makes it feel more special.

Si is actually working on his food as well, as he gets a really bad upset tummy after most meals and after speaking with the dietician last week we both think that he might have IBS – and that is based on FODMAPS….don’t ask, just know that he is most likely intolerant to a whole heap of different foods across a whole heap of different food types……so now we are going to work on finding out which ones trigger him. Luckily for us, most high protein foods are fine for both of us, but we have to tweak some of our meals.

Exercise, - well, this is just not a happening thing……In some ways I am looking forward to going back to late shift as it means I can actually get out and do some Aqua Aerobics and get out and walk the dog in the morning sunshine, rather than in the cold…I also have the Wii, but I just don’t seem to find the motivation to jump on it……or should I say I should say I can’t be stuffed…….really the Wii was a bit of a bad investment, we don’t play it and it sits there gathering dust really.

Meet & Greet – Well the Meet & Greet is going well, so far we have about 70 people registered to come to the event, and another say 15 for the dinner. Registrations are still coming in and I know this does not include the companies attending and does also not include the speakers. So there is less than 90 days to go till the event and I will be working on reminding the vendors of what we need from them and finding out how many people from each organisation will be attending. I will also be organising all the freebies to be shipped to me so I can start working on getting the goodie bags together. Listing all that down it looks like I still have heaps to do!!!! I have also thought about how we can do a WLS cookbook for the event, and idea that one of the other girls came up with, but I thought I might email all those attending so far and ask for a recipe that we can add to the cookbook that they have found useful during their WLS journeys. That was we can collate them and hopefully even get one of our sponsors to look at publishing it for us. Wouldn’t that be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Room – we are looking at renting out the back room (attached to the garage) to help reduce our rent…..not because we are finding it hard or anything, but just that we both want to go over to Australia next year for Simons birthday and if we do this we can do it comfortably. It means I need to get off my tush and get my passport organised, and we might even need to get Si’s renewed. As soon as we do that, then I will work on getting the airfares/accommodation together and as soon as we have that money we will book and pay for it, leaving only the spending money. That way we will be set and ready to go next May.

Well that is probably enough dribble from me, tomorrow I might even get around to letting you know what we did over the weekend and what we plan on doing next weekend!!!! Oh and I might just let you know how the weight loss is going – after all this is meant to be a blog about weightloss!!


  1. If you want some weight loss recipes I would be happy to fire some you way. May see you at aqua some time?

  2. Although that's a lot it all sounds like it is falling into place nicely, maybe some recipe people may but a photo in of themselves makes it a bit more personal? 90 days that will whizz by quickly.

  3. Hey Janine. Hows it going? If you ever want to sell the Wi, let me know.
    Do you find the busier you are the harder it is to stay on track? That's what I'm finding at the moment..... Catch up soon. Annie