Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Restarts today

Yup - I am restarting today, healthy eating and getting back 100% on track.

My boss pointed out to me on Friday that I have told her I have gained weight but that I think that I will only lose a portion of it..........she asked me why I think that, as surely if I put my mind to it I can do anything!!!!!!!!

So today, back 100% on track with both Gluten Free and with my WLS eating plan, the water and the cutting out the junk. I will also be back on track with exercise soon, just working on that plan. 

Anyway, this morning, 

Pills taken, 
1 cup of tea with milk and sweetener (not sugar)
About to head to work for the day, Protein shake at around 10:30, and then lunch at 2pm, which will be 1 orange, 2 corn thins and a small can of tuna with lemon pepper. 

I will have my calcium

Dinner when I get home will be 

Beef Hot pot casserole (in the slow cooker now) 

Maybe a little mashed potatoe (but just a little)

And I will get my water intake in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is only downwards from 117.5 kgs (this mornings weight)


  1. I restarted last week, good luck ..... :-)

  2. No matter which way we chose to loss weight, one thing is certain, it's ongoing....

    Wishing you luck and positive vibes.