Monday, October 10, 2011

So here it is.....drumrolls not needed

My weight is sitting at 116.8 kgs as at this morning. Now this is just soooooooooo not acceptable, considering I got down to 101 kgs before getting sick with my Auto Immune Liver Disease. 

Sure, I am still on immune suppressants and steroids, but that doesn't account for the garbage I have been putting in. So I am getting back on that train......actually I am concentrating for the moment being Gluten Free and trying to reduce carbs. (having much more protein)

I tried a recipe that Lynda had on her blog, a pizza base that is made from cauliflower and it is not bad. I don't think I cooked it at quite the right temperature as it did not really go crispy, but certainly it was fine, and you get so much more flavour from the toppings as it is not over powered by the bread. I had chicken and bacon on mine. 

The other thing I am having is cauliflower rice.....(the first stage of the pizza) instead of regular rice when it comes to curries etc. We had it tonight, I didn't miss the rice at all!!!!!!!!!! I did still have one poppadoum, but as it is made from Lentil flour, it is fine for me.

I am planning on getting out and moving more, nothing drastic, just using what is around me, ie the footpath and walking tracks around here and if it is wet then and old WW DVD I have. I am going to be trying to record what I am doing daily....not adding calories or anything, just making me more aware, and if I  gain or stay the same I can look back at it . 

So today was a bit of a mixed bag as I made cheesecake for dessert

Eat Me Protein Shake with yoghurt and milk

Morning tea
Two Wheat Free Rice Cookies 

1 small can of lemon pepper tuna
2 corn thins
1 kiwifruit 
1 pear

Afternoon Tea
Two Wheat Free Rice Cookies

Chicken, chickpea and lentil Curry
1 poppadom
2 tablespoons of rice cauliflower
1 small piece of raspberry cheesecake made with GF biscuits
1 tablespoon of low fat boysenberry ice-cream
1 handful of salted potato chips
1 coke zero can 
1 small glass of grape juice. 

Now I have major hiccups and I am off to bed. Waiting for my you  tube video to post, but it won't be ready till the morning. So good night, and happy dreams. !!


  1. I will join you on the train, how yet not so sure..... but I have too, I could blame the weight gain on the med, but I know that is not true lol... it is all the crap I am eating....

  2. I'm with you Janene, and at least it was a small piece of GF cheesecake! I need to start posting daily with my food, just for the accountability. You can do it! Penny xo