Monday, May 25, 2009

Not well again

Well had another bad weekend of up and down and pain in my lower joints it was crippling. I now have little raised lumps over my shins and thighs. I am booked into see the doctor this afternoon and I really think that these two things are actually related to the low potassium, calcium and sodium in my system (we ran bloods at work) and I think this is also possibily directly related to why my weightloss has stopped completely. In fact today it was up by almost 2 kgs again.

So I am going to ask for a full blood screen.
I am going to ask for a thyroid check as low potassium can be an indicator of an under active thyroid......which may explain the weight situation.

Anyway - will update later......btwm can anyone tell me how you change the colour of your text part way through a I can show that it was added at a later time? (Chris H - I think you will answer this one)!!!

Anyway - back later in the day with an update.


  1. To change the text colour there is a font button in the toolbar above where you write. Click on the one that has a T and the little coloured boxes... just select the text you want coloured and click that.

    I hope you get your medical stuff sorted :)

  2. Hope the doc appointment went well and Lynda explained it well assuming you are not in HTML if so click rich text....