Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Okay - I NEED your help!!!!

I need some suggestions/ideas for what I can do regarding work etc. I haave about 6 weeks left of work and there is just nothing out here at the moment. Do I take a couple of days off next week and pretty much pound the pavement with my CV teaser (a two page CV) or I just sit back and wait for the agencies?

I am thinking that by at least getting myself out there then I could pick up at least part time work, but that means that I would be giving away fulltime work here. Ot do I talk to my boss here and say – if I find part time work before the 6 weeks is up can I just go part time here until then? And work out what my hourly rate would be?

I am so uncertain about how to approach this and I really don’t want to miss an opportunity of even part time work that might lead to something more. There is just nothing on our job market at the moment and I am feeling quite helpless.

So I really need your suggestions, and please do comment, even if you think it has already been suggested so I can gauge what people think. I know that I have many lurkers, and I am pleading with you…..I need you to make yourselves known – even as an anon comment, so I can get a better feeling for what direction I should take.

You can even email me at

To clarify a couple of things.....I have and am looking at trademe, seek,, the winz job board, the massey website the dhb website, all of the agency websites......daily - if not more than 5 times a day for each one. Palmerston is definately more about word of mouth than anything else, and I almost want to be the first person that people think of, which is why I have been thinking about actually going in to every business and dropping of an info pack. basically making me the product.


  1. Get your C.V. out to everyone you can. That way you are out there. Check the job boards on the net as well. What sort of work are you wanting to do?? I can keep an ear out for you as well.

  2. I would write a covering letter and send out with your CV. Also let everyone know that you are looking, sometimes it can be word of mouth. If a part time job came up I would seriously think about taking it and hopefully your current employers could fit in with this.

    Have you looked at TradeMe - they do have some listings.

  3. Take a couple of days off & pound the pavements, your priority is to get yourself a job, if the current employer does not like it - what are they going to do - fire you.

    Go to as many places as you can, even ones you would not normally consider, ask them if they know of anyone who may be hiring - shit bribe them with chocolate fish if you have to, they will definately remember you then.

  4. I reckon the idea, if you find something anything and it is part time.... Talk to your boss about doing the part time thing there..... and yeah "pounding the pavements" is a good idea as well, you in person is a million time better than a CV in the post..... Good Luck my friend, and I am keeping my ears open, Have also mention it to my parents who are in the know of loads of things..... You never know...... Vanessa.

  5. Hi kiddo i have just sent u an email with the best job out there and I love it please have a look and u could do it part time gettign started over the next 6 weeks and wham be up and running and going great guns when this job collapses. as i said in email I truly belive this is the best company to wrk for and u would be great.

    ps Alan is looking for wrk at all the smae places u r and it is really tough I know hun and dragss ya down but try not to let it get to u to much u have come so darn far.

    luv ya heaps


  6. Definitely get Temping... it may work out to a longer term thing but at least you will get some money coming in.

    Best of luck.


  7. Good luck with your job topic come visit my blog for your award....

  8. Sorry you're in such a tough situation now. I would take at least a day off and really pound the pavement and get your name out there. If a part time opportunity presents itself, I would say to go for it since your job has a definite end. I'm sure they're willing to work with you.

  9. I'd take the two days off to chase a job and see how it goes. Your boss must know that you are seriously job hunting so shouldn't be a problem there.

    Unless I was sure I wouldn't get a negative reaction from my boss, I'd keep the possibility of discussing part-time under my hat for another week or so. See what opportunities are available first.

    Best wishes. Things are beginning to bite here but you have skill, experience and a good work record so hope you will have certainty soon.