Monday, May 18, 2009

The Power of Protein

Well I never would have thought that my protein shake could have as much impact as it has. I stopped having my protein shake about a month ago due to the cost of the powder and the yoghurt. and when did my Weightloss come to a crashing stop just after it had started again? When did my ezcema start getting worse? When did I get so emotional? When did I start the leg cramps etc? Around the time I stopped having my protein shakes.

Granted I think some of these things are also because of slightly out of whack vitamin levels and stress, but since I re-intorduced the protein shakes on Friday night I have only had 1 cramping episode and I have actually not been crippled by the pain in the evenings. My in laws have said my colour is looking heaps better as apparently I was very pale, and I just generally feel more ontop of things even though I am still going to be out of work in 6 weeks!!!

Now, most of you probably don't know but he company I work for also sells diagnostic machinery to vet clinics, and it is the same machinery for humans, so I got one of the vets to take some blood off me (he used to work in a human blood lab) and we processed it thourhg our machines here. And it showed that I was low in sodium, potassium and calcium.......we couldn't run a magnesium one, but we kinda assumed that it might be low as well. So i went to the chemist and we took a look at the supplements I am on now, and a way forward to try and make the figures better - so we have changed the calium to an effervesant tablet which tastes like orange, and we have added magnesium into the mix as well.

This weekend was great - it is Simons 40th Birthday today so we had some friends and family over for a pot luck BBQ (si's fav) and we had a blast. He got some really cool pressies including a weekend away to River Valley and it looks like it will be a nice escape for the two of us once things settle down. We then had team trivial pursuit which was boys vs girls and was pretty even matched!! A great night had by all and it was fantastic to see our friends Dennis & Lisa come up from Wellington.

Sunday we just pottered around home - I was meant to be looking after the mini golf but rain put pay to that!!! Which was a relief actually as I was kinda tired and needed a lay down. In the evening we played our game which all of our online friends camne to a birthday party at a special location in the game. They had fireworks and birthday cake and beer and we all had funny singing happy birthday to Si. And some people even gace his character presents......which was really nice and made him feel appreciated by them.

Tonight, which is actually his birthday we are going to see Star will be Simon, me, his Mum and Dad. THe last time I saw a Star Trek movie at the cinema I feel asleep and at the moment I am yawning like crazy so I hope I can stay awake. Lukily we are going to the 5:40pm session so should not be too hard.

Oh and my scales need batteries as they weigh all over the place, so I am not 100% sure what my weight is at the moment. I seemed to get the most readings at 100.1 kgs so if that is true then I should hit under the hundy by next week.......but will have to wait till Friday before I can buy the batteries - so I might just wait till next week to see what it officially is. We will see if the Power of Protein is accurate!!!!


  1. yay for the protein shakes OHHHHH and a tip the doctor can prescribe efferverscent calcium!!! I use them huge round tablet thingys..

  2. Wish I could have them but each time I try them I still get sick on them.....good luck for gettin g under the hundy next week :-)

  3. I'm not into the protein shakes but found a low-carb protein bar I like in the supermarket. double digits next week!

  4. Well done on sussing out what your body needed. Look forward to seeing those scales under the hundy very very soon :) :)

  5. How did you like Star Trek? I'm sooo not a Star Trek lover, but it was actually a pretty good movie! LOL
    Glad the protein shakes are helping a bit.. amazing how getting back to basics can help things out. :)

    hugs!! Oh I logged into the oceanic realm and did a couple of quests last night! LOL