Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Now I get it!!!

Huh, now I get how to do this Change colour thing, Thanks so much to both Lynda and Jackie for showing me the way. I always compose in html, so it is funny so do it this way, although I think I like it alot more.....I always wondered how Chris H changed it, I thought she must know heaps of HTML code for the colours...LOL.

Anyway back to yesterday, the doctors, well I was armed with information as to what I thought has happened, you see I have developed lots of little bruise like lumps on my shins and thighs. After doing some research (okay google) I dedcided that they were called "Erythema Nodosum" which explains the lumps and the joint pain that I have been having over the past month and that is exactly what the doctor thinks as well. However he is not sure how I have got that as there can be many causes to having this.....

Anyway - long story short he is doing a huge range of blood tests on me this morning that won't be processed till next week, so I pretty much have to put up with it till at least then. There are pretty much two things that he is concerned about - one being mal-nutrition, and some of my figures from the bloods we ran at work indicate that I am not absorbing the vitamins etc (which may explain why the protein shake helped a little) and the other one, which is the one that is going to take a while to come back with a result is Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I am really scared about.......so we won't think about that until the results are back.

I also asked him to do a thryroid check as my weightloss has jsut stopped dead and I need to understand it, is it just that I am mal-nourished from the Gastric bypass and that is all, or do I and have I always had an underlying thyroid condition. He didn't want to do it at first, but then on the other hand he said I was still "carrying too much weight" for my joints, and I pretty much then demanded it to rule it out of the equation......I am not sure how you can tell someone who has lost over 75 kgs that they are "carrying to much weight" for their joints........!!!!!

OH, and he has given me some more cream for my ezcema, and some shampoo and urgghhhh I just NEED to feel well, especially looking for jobs, going to interviews when I can hardly walk, and I am a bit cloudy in the head is not a good look.

Anyway, just because I now can, I am going to change colour........hehehe. Have a fantastic day everyone. Remember if you hear of work inthe Palmy area that you think I could do, drop me a line.........well, feel free to drop me a line anytime......!!!



  1. Good luck with both the tests and the job hunting. Our daughter was diagnosed with R arthritis - had it all one winter in her hands - then it disappeared. Weird.

  2. It does sound like E.N. but would need to know more about symptoms etc. Our youngest daughter has had this since she was about 12/13yrs old, so I do know quite a bit about it!!!!!!! If you want/need to know anything about this just give me a call.
    Big Hugs
    Jenny :)

  3. I hate when doctors don't want to run tests that you ask them to. If it's a concern to you, it should be to them as well! Malnutrition can totally play a role in stalled weight loss. your body wants to hang on to everything it can since it isn't getting enough.
    I pray you start feeling better soon, and you get good answers on your labwork!

  4. Hope they get to the bottom of the problem! It's a shame that we have to insist to doctors to do tests instead of them playing guessing games with our health, but sometimes that's the way it is.