Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And the Dr said.....Why the sore throat???

Yes I have finally succumbed to Simon's horrible heavy cold and sore throat and stuffed up nose and I feel rather blah. I went to the doctors this morning armed with pen and pad ready to write stuff down as to what I had and what we were going to do about it so I could accurately relay it to everyone on here......oops I mean Simon.

Anyway, he asked how things were and I said, much the same, and he asked if I was getting new bumbs and lumps and I am......and still painful legs, ankles, in the evenings where I can hardly walk. And he shook his head and looked at the blood test results again and everything was either normal or just above normal, so nothing conclusively pointing to a reason why I have Erythema Nodosum.......which he is 100% I have, and after talking with Jenny (thanks Jenny) I am also pretty certain it is. However we cannot figure out what is causing it.

My weightloss is still stopped dead, and I spoke to my surgeon this morning to clarify if anything with my surgery could be contributing to this and could it be masking the effects of something else.....I mean rerouted plumbing certainly might change the way something presents.
But he is 99% certain that nothing from my Roux en Y will be causing any of the issues. He basically asked a few questions, then also asked me not to beat myself up about it, and that once I am 100% committed to losing the rest I will. he said of course it is so programmed in us to turn to food when we are stressed and he asked if I was still having 3 meals a day or grazing? I graze.......I suggested a food diary, he said sure........but don't condemn yourself for anything on out why you ate it, if it was habit, was it enjoyment, was it emotional.....etc and he suggested maybe talking to the counsellor or the physcologist again via phone.

Okay back to the anyway, the plan was to go and get an chest x-ray to rule out some of the other causes for Erythema Nodosum (don't google it - cos it sounds scary). Anyway, I have to go back to the Dr's next Wednesday at 8:30am to find out the results and if nothing on the chest xray then he is going to do a needle biopsy and refer me to a specialist.......

Mal-absorption? Well the blood tests revealed that I am absorbing all the vitamins and nothing there seems to be a that at least is one thing off my mind. Also my thyroid came back brilliantly normal, so it is not that maybe I just need to embrace where I am at right now with the weightloss and move on.......

Anyway, job was for a part time - approx 18 hours a week to start with but could be more. It is for checkout supervisor/checkout person and it is reasonably low paid, but it is with people, and helping people, and being in a large team where I can actually enjoy my day. I am so sick of being shut away in a back office with catty witches (not all of them) who make the day drag by and where I might only take 10 calls in a day all of which I pretty much transfer to someone else.......Also, this is just a start, it could quite easily be more hours as there always seems to be more shifts is really going back to my roots, when I used to work for my Mum in her shop, and I loved it, I knew the regulars and I can chat to anyone, anywhere, anytime. To be part of a big team that become like family.......the last time I had that was when I worked for Armourguard security.

However, I think that the women thinks that I am above working for a supermarket, and that I will want to leave after I become bored.....I think I tried to explain the above to her and that somewhere along the line, I have done what is expected of me rather than doing what makes me happy and that this is a role I really think that I would really enjoy and that I NEED to do something for me for a change and I need to get back to what makes me happy and that is actually about people more than anything else. Anyway - she said that they will let me know my Monday next week.

Anyway - I am getting cold and this has taken over an hour to write as my phone kept ringing.......take care and hugs all around



  1. Hope you get some answers soon and cross fingers for the job :-)

  2. Hi Janine. I love my few hours at the SuperMarket ....currently only check-out packing, which is a heap more physical than it looks. It's important to build muscles and good posture with regular exercises. Most people end up with work related damaged muscles or joints so do make sure you have a good exercise routine as well. I have found my physio friend the best help with this.

    The other health risk is from cold and flu bugs. We are in a high contact field so keep your immune system strong.

    Many people working here are highly skilled in other fields, from being self employed to part time accountants ... you name it, there is probably someone who has done it. Here in Whitianga there are not too many opportunities to earn wages ... so sooner or later half the population seem to work at the SuperMarket.

    I hope you get the position. If not the first time round just keep pestering them. They'll soon put you on the 'next available vacancy' spot'.

    Best of luck

  3. Wow! You have a lot going on. I really hope you get the job as it sounds like it will make you happy! That is important and may even help with the weight loss and reduce the need for "emotional" eating. I have the same problem. I find that when I'm stressed or unhappy, I tend to turn to food knowing I'm not hungry or don't need it. These habits are hard to break. But I definitely think that finding what makes you happy will make a huge difference!

    I hope you hear some good news VERY soon!!!