Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick Update

Well i got admitted to hospital and we are awaitng a special test with a camera down through my tummy which can't be done till next Monday. I have to remain in hospital till then, although I was able to get si to bring in his laptop for a quick update.

Don't have any access here unfortunately, but I am doing okay - will be bored by Monday, but the upside is that they sent me to Southern Cross to wait it out, so if anyone feels like visiting, I am at Southern Cross in Palmerston North till next Monday before I have a camera shoved down my throat.....

Basically they have found a blockage in my bile duct and they are trying to figure out what is going on and why I have the lumps on my legs. Anyway - the forced rest is welcomed.

Hope to update again over the weekend, would love to see any of you guys in the Palmy area.




  1. Good luck - I hope you get all sorted very soon. At least you will know what is wrong with you once and for all.

  2. Crikey! i don't read for a couple of days and you go nd end up in hospital!
    Hope you are as good as can be expected, and if I was in P.Nth I would def pop in for a visit...
    Take care chick :)

  3. Hope you're feeling comfortable and not too bored. Look after yourself and good luck with the camera...

  4. All the best and hope they find out what is wrong real soon! Take care

  5. I sorted of wondered - as we were leaving today I'm sure I recognised your dad was going in! Then I thought it must be to see you.

    Will pop up to see you - take care Janine!

  6. Take care and I hope they figure out what the heck is going on! Enjoy your rest!

  7. Oh Janine! You poor thing! I hope that you start feeling better quickly and that they take good care of you. Rest up while you're in there!

    Hugs from TX, USA! :)

  8. Sorry to hear you are in hospital but at least they can check you out properly while you get a rest of sorts.

    Not sure I'd sound as cheerful as you but I guess you are glad things are being looked into.

    Enjoy the rest.

  9. Take care of yourself! Do they know where the lumps are in your legs? I mean, are they in the veins, muscles, skin? are they going to do a doppler ultrasound of your legs?

  10. Well at least you are in Southern Cross! It's lovely there, the nurses/doctors are just lovely.
    I hope all turns out well and it turns out to be something minor.

  11. oh flip love hope your ok! Best of luck for monday, i'm sure there will be updates on FB? Hope you get plenty of rest before hand xxxx

  12. Hi Janine - hope you get some answers soon! Melissa