Monday, June 15, 2009

Taking things easy and official weight

Well trying to take things a little bit easy since being home, I am having blood tests constantly to monitor the situation and if there is too much change in either my colour (if I start turning yellow again) or level of pain then I have to go back to ED. We are awaiting and appointment for a MRI and a liver biospy, so at the moment they have said that I can work when and for how long I feel up to it, so I am going into work today after I have my blood tests - 10 different tests this morning!!!! and then I have 6 tests evrey Thursday until they have a result as to what is wrong.

When I got home I was feeling pretty good, but within 1/2 hour of having a coke zero I started getting pain in my lower right leg ankle and feet. Si had mentioned that maybe the articificial sweetner had something to do with it, and after researching some of the negative side effects it seems that all of mine have somehow been linked to it, so we are trialling a no articial sweetner week at home to see if it makes any difference. It can't hurt anyway, although I have new lumps on my legs and still sore joints and feet, so nothing amazing at the moment, although it has made me think more about having some of these things, and what is the lesser of the two evils - sugar or artifical sweetner........what's your thoughts?

As I mentioned last week I was not really sure what my weight was as so many different scales and so many different results......Well, I got home and weighed and was happy with the result, so this morning in my nighty was the official weight and I am now happy to claim the UNDER THE HUNDY and proudly shout that it is - 96.5 kgs, which means that I have lost 80.6 kgs since I started this journey. Can you imagine how difficult it would have been to deal with all of this at 177 kgs???

OH, the other cool thing about this whole episode is that I now have recent pictures of my 'pouch' or stomach for you non surgically altered........and I sent them to David (my surgeon) to take a look at and he said it looks I obviously haven't stretched it all out of shape. He has been absolutely amazing during all of this and he is leaning more towards it not being gallstones as I have no pain whatsoever.......he said it can happen, but it is extremely rare not to have any pain but to be sure he would recommend the MRI, which is what I am having, so all good.

Anyway - must rush off to the shower and get dressed, also need to make some lunch and have my protein shake to keep me going..........!!! Thanks for all your kind thoughts while I was sick in hospital and for the texts and phone calls and made it all bearable.


  1. For me I'm anti Aspartame. I was having quite a bit in yoghurt, chewing gum, diet drinks etc and started to suffer panic attacks (again) - did a goggle search on reasons why and found Aspartame can cause them, also anxiety and quite a lot of other sidce affects. Better to be safe so I eliminated those foods it helped me. I do think we are all different though and others could have it without any problems at all.

    Sorry didn't get up to see you - we had dramas of our own.

    Well done on your weight!!

  2. Aspartame causes me no end of trouble,including headaches and ringing in my ears. I can't use it at all.

    glad you are feeling a bit better. Keep us up to date, some of us WORRY!

    and awwww.... I was rather hoping to see your recent pictures of your pouch :)

  3. I hope they find out what is causing you so much distress soon, not knowing is the worst of it.

    Congratulations on the weight loss.

  4. Awesome weight loss their girl am so jealous but in a good way lol

  5. hey you Hundy Gal!!
    Good to see you home and postive.

  6. sorry chook didnt catch up with blogs in a while and didnt know u was in hospital hope u r feeling better soon and it is sorted.

  7. Just thinking about ya today...hope you are feeling better girlie...Jil